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  1. I've been able to find some of it in HQ
  2. David Turnley photos, for Harpers Bazaar?
  3. Two "W" magazine cover shots from 1993
  4. The image on the right is one of my favorite portraits of Christy.
  5. These images derive from Maybelline ads. The second image is a two-page image that I melded into one image.
  6. Here are two other incredible black and white Christy nudes I recently discovered. There's a switch below labeled "Adult Content?" I'll click it again, but I don't expect it to do anything.
  7. I don't remember. But there is a site selling the picture poster size. They let you see the picture in high res, but only a strip of it at a time. So I captured each strip, then assembled them using Photo Shop! Also, for 10,300 Christy pics, check out this site: https://vk.com/photo-7460530_312028298?all=1 And, by the way, when I posted the above image, I selected "Adult Content," but that didn't seem to do anything.
  8. Here's a black and white nude of Christy (full size and close up) that I had never seen before. It's from 1993, same Une Belle Nature shoot that produced the two famous nudes of Christy on the rope bridge.
  9. I'm loving all these hi-res runway pics! For the longest time every runway pic was small and low-res.
  10. That is an exquisite portrait for sure!
  11. Thanks! I've never seen this image at all.
  12. Here's what I wrote originally: "Here's one of my Christy scans that I don't think you'll find anywhere else. The image is known to every Christy fan, but it derives from a special source. A very large format art book. I could only get part of the image on the scanner. So this is a high-res closeup of one of Christy's most exquisite portrait shots."
  13. Yes, you're wrong. Regardless of whatever lengths you'll go to in your need to make me wrong, the scan you present comes from a standard size Vogue magazine page and the scan I presented derives from an over-size art book. If you cropped your image same as mine, I believe you'll find that mine is considerably higher resolution.
  14. All I can do is offer my deep thanks to you. I've been collecting Christy pics since she first appeared in the mid 1980s, long before the Internet. I've done lots of scans of the great fashion models. And I've scoured the net for the best, highest resolution Christy pics. Even so, your site is a treasure trove of high-res scans! I've been delighted to find many favorite Christy pics in much better quality than I'd ever seen them before. My obsession is with removing words, logos, scan anomalies, and so on. I'll go to enormous pains to remove all such distractions, even from magazine covers that are plastered with words, anything to clean up a beautiful portrait shot. I also go to great lengths to take 2-page pics and meld them together into one image. I know this turns off purists that don't want the original images altered, but I only care about the model, not the magazine and not what's being advertised. And I also feel like no one cares about what I do either. Anyway, your site is absolutely wonderful. I love it!
  15. Oh, that's sad, it's a wonderful site!! You don't want to give it time to grow?
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