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  1. how are you limer! :)

  2. hey long time!! how ya been? working hard?

  3. just droppin by to say hi :)

  4. Thank you so much for all your pictures!! :)

  5. buying a sick new aquarium for my fish & lookin at houses

  6. sorry :( it may actually cause a seizer for some bz peeps

  7. sorry sweetlu :(

  8. I'm great how are you? I saw you visited my profile and thought i'd drop by to say hi! Any great plans for the weekend?

  9. ur stuff gives me a headache :erm:

  10. I'd like to know more.. :concerned:

  11. lol sounds like a great plan to me!!

  12. Oh nice!!! did you eat any good food!?!?! I know the weather has been so weird latley! Now its rainy and cold again :( Did you guys have a nice time? Its never a dull moment let me tell you lol! next time you are in the area let me know ahead of time and maybe we can meet at VS haha ;)

  13. oh no :shifty: watch out!! :) have a good day!

  14. thank you for the bday wishes! :)

  15. thank you for the bday wishes pink! :D :flower:

  16. thank you for the bday wishes!!

    p.s blackrain visited you!!!! :shock:

  17. Thank you for the bday wishes :) :flower:

  18. good luck with your new job! its always exciting and scary at the same time to start fresh! but you got this for sure :) I'm doing the same just working makin that dough ;) Have a good Holiday!

  19. Thank you!! thats the beautiful Klara wester for ya! how are you? :)

  20. hey *hug* how are you babe?

  21. im great! how you been?

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