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  1. thanks jago for those picture doutzy is just flawless
  2. when i write the number of page so it would jump to the page it takes me to the 1st page of the thread or to the main page of the website instead.
  3. what color are her eyes? they sometimes looks brown, honey, and green.
  4. is doutzie going to be in nyfw. is alright cypress
  5. cypress i saw doutzen in 3 pages for the bazaar magazine u miss one
  6. naomi campbell, gisele bundchen
  7. that's josie maran fault, but if i need you knew she existed then i would off never found out about doutzen kroes, so I thanks josie for that.
  8. doutzen looks really nice. is the other model alina vacariu??
  9. I like doutzen and karen. I like these pic of doutzen also http://forum.ryoni.com/groupee_files/photo...CE5622BA71D.jpg as a logo. can someone make an example of logo with this pic? i would like to see what it would look like
  10. I like claire forlani. I also like charlotte ayanna is a good actress and is underrated. i think she would be good add in the list
  11. I don't know 95% of the people u mention. I would like to see daniella van graas in the list.
  12. I hope the v.s.f.s is in new york because i just move their.
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