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  1. Chanel’s one of my favorite models I watched one of her ig lives not to long ago and I could tell she was really fun to be around. Not to mention how pretty she is but yeah I love her face lol @bump
  2. Thank you @bump She is flawless
  3. Oh dude I love this girl isn’t her handle like lubd or something Iike that
  4. There aren’t words to describe how beautiful this woman is
  5. Hmmm. That model has bigger lips but it kinda looks like
  6. Really? I’ve met Hazel a few times and have gotten the exact opposite impression both times. She’s incredibly genuine and what she does with her love life is nobodies business but her own. I won’t allow you to speak that way about her on this forum, she’s a human being and what you said was incredibly rude
  7. IG Story Highlights Some more 🤌🏼
  8. Anybody have her Steve Shaw shots?
  9. C-Heads Magazine “Dressing up with Hazel” Model: Hazel // @hazeljane.r Photographer: Liza Boone // @lizaboone MUA: Sean Harris // @seanharrismakeup Hair: Rosie Lucia Gebhard // @rose_cita Stylist: Alexis Bergens // @alexisbergens Source https://www.c-heads.com/2020/03/22/dressing-up-with-hazel/
  10. Jared Kocka Source https://www.jaredkocka.com/hazel-jane-nyc-br-br-view
  11. She’s really gorgeous
  12. Vogue Ukraine Published December 2018 Photographer- Christine Kreiselmaier Hair Stylist- Dirk Walther Makeup Artist- Sarah Jagger
  13. Nick Tsiro Wish I had the whole shoot
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