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  1. Thx guys! :cheers:

  2. Happy B-Day Layla!! Hope you're having great time! Come to think about it 21st age was probably my personal best, so I hope you'll have an awesome year too! Have fun! :bdaycake: :D

  3. THX Layla. Long time no see... Hope you're doing great. :flower:

  4. Juventus, Arsenal, Valencia, . . . maybe next year. :cry: Kinda missed you guys actually. Hope each and everyone of you are doing great. I'll try to come back as much as I can, but sometimes you just don't have enough time. CU soon. ;)

  5. Damn, I hate when I forget to use the "?" :@ :@

  6. Thx Matt. How are you doing yourself. You won't guess who gave me the best birthday gift. His name is

    Lou Williams[/] :P :P

  7. eNe

    Yeah, don't have much time as I used to. Still love this place though. :D As usual you were the first one to celebrate my BD, so thanks again. Hope you're doing good. :)

  8. Happy birthday man. I hope this year will be a great one for you. (:

  9. BTW, BZ is lying, it's 11:57. :blah:

  10. Happy birthday Layla :yay: Hopefully you had/will have better time than last year, and I hope you'll be able to enjoy as may more b-days as you wish! :flower:

  11. eNe

    Happy birthday. Hope it'll be a great year for you. :fun:

  12. eNe

    You've got all the news pal. I was having myself some summer holiday, and haven't kept up with anything much. But I'm definitely psyched that we've managed to keep Villa, Silva, and Mata in the squad. Hopefully Ever will stay, and come stong, and I think top4 is a lock.

  13. Happy Birthday Layla :woot: :fun:

    Here's to another 119 years :cheers: :|

    Hope you are having great time. :flower:

  14. eNe

    Happy birthday Lyon. :fun:

    *hope I'm not too late* :ninja:

  15. eNe

    . . . some fresh talent soon enough, to make a comeback to the title runs.

    Take care. :)

  16. eNe

    Hey there pal ;) Yeah, I was off for about a month (exams and stuff), but I'll be back in full mode shortly. I feel you about Barca, though just when they were becoming one of my fav teams, they had to spoil it by trying to get rid of Eto'o once again.

    And yeah, looks like the days of glory for Valencia are about to come to an end. :cry:

    Hopefully they'll find some fresh tale

  17. eNe

    Happy Birthday Q.

    Wish you'll have a great year.

  18. eNe

    Ola dude. What made your highness, check my low & modest profile. :P

    All kidding aside, how is everything going. Hope you're having great time.

    Sayonara. :ninja:

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Herve. Hope this year will be your year, and you're having a kickass party.

    BTW halftime result:

    Valncia 2-1 Barca

    Sorry for being an ass in here, as well. :|

    Take care. :)

  20. Thanks a lot Michael.

    Sorry that S'land lost from WBA BTW. :sad:

    Hope you guys will remain in elite.

    Take care. :)

  21. BTW, I just checked fery's profile, and saw that she is banned.

    I had no idea. :confused:

    Do you know why is she banned? :idk:

  22. Thanks a lot Layla. :hug:

    Hope you are having good time, too. :)

    Take care. :flower:

  23. eNe

    Thanks, though you are early for about 6 hours. :D

    (it's still the 23rd here)

    Thx a lot, anyway :)

    (BTW, your personal photo is awesome)

  24. eNe

    In Europe the sport that dominates is Soccer. 90% of the stuff about sports is about it. The runner ups are Basketball, Formula1 and Tennis. If we want to watch any other sport, we are supposed to wait till Olimpics :o :p

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