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  1. Oh hahaha I thought she ment Sasha Pivovarova :P I am to tired for this hahah

  2. Honey I have a question is that I am Sasha fierce name on Beyonce's album after Sasha Pivovarova fierce?


  3. Hey honey, yes love is complicated but you should always remember that love is amazing too. Iwill be back on here soon.

    Love you


  4. Thanks it means a lot. I love you,

    xoxo your Joline.

  5. Hey honey, I will be away from here a while more cause I still have stuff I need to take care off, but don't worry I am fine otherwise I will let you know.

    xoxo I miss ya my sunshine!

  6. Hey you :) Yes I am still fixing stuff in my life and I will need some more time off from here but i am better now, Happy new year and I will talk to you soon again.


  7. Hey, I am okay girl, the university takes up most of my time and I also have some family problems but I am okay


  8. You are my sunshine Ire :heart:

  9. Oh honey don't be sad or worried about me. I am better now :)

  10. Hello. Yes I am much better now so don't worry!


  11. Hello honey, no I know I have not been online here for a while but something happend that took me to the hospital and then I was almost knocking on the door of death.. but ask Toni she can tell you what happend.

    Take care if it takes some days since next time i will talk to you.

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy B-day!

  14. Oh today is your day! Happy brithday honey! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    xoxo your Joline.

  15. Happy Birthday Honey!!! See ya tonight!

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday! :)

  20. Have a nice holiday and talk to ya soon :)

    xoxo Joline

  21. Thank you my dear! I will go tomorrow morning!

  22. Happy Birthday Girl!

  23. Happy Birthday Gorgeous! Hope you hae a a wounderful day!

  24. Happy Birthday darling! I hope you have a wounderful day!

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