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  1. Hey Gorgeous!

    I'm real happy you did good on your exams. Yes that is my business I'm currently trying to start. Kind of slow right now, It's just me and my Dad doing everything till we get some contracts with some people.

    Glad to hear from you :) :)

    Big Kiss & Hug

    Much Love


  2. Hey Love

    I hope you did well on your exams (fingers Crossed). Well my site is kind of not done yet. I have a temporary site on right now. It's www.gutipelli.com

    Well hope we can talk again soon. I'll be on messenger tomorrow.

    Big Kiss MUAH!!!

    Love Ya Zahia

    Much Love


  3. Hey beautiful

    Just dropping by to say hi, and see how South Korea is going??? I hope you are doing well and having some fun.

    Take care Melanie

    Big kiss


  4. I'm really doing good, how about you?

    My name is Jorge by the way.

    P.s I totally love your interests section.

  5. Hey there

    Thanks for visiting my profile.


    Much Love


  6. Hey sweet heart, thanks for the great comment. Sorry I haven't been online these few days, I've been working hard on my site. Hope to talk to you again.

    Super xoxox

    Much Love


  7. Hey love

    Just dropping by to say hi. Hi!!! And see how you were doing, hope your doing very well.

    P.S Thanks for the printer help. I think I'm gonna buy that one you told me about. The Canon.

    Much Love


  8. One of the coolest girls here.

    Love ya ZAHIA, you see I remembered.

  9. hey francesca how are you? I was just dropping by to say hi. Hope you had a great weekend.

  10. Well I was born in Miami Florida. But I'm part Cuban from my father, and Chile from my mother.

    Now I'm living in Houston Texas.

  11. piacere di conoscerti too Francesca. So what part of Italy are you from.

  12. Hey I love the new photo!


    Its great meeting you. I absolutely love Italy, I would like to visit it one day. Maybe you can teach me some Italian jeje.



  14. Your very welcome. My name is Jorge Nice meeting you.


  15. Hey Norah

    Thanks for adding me as a friend. My name is Jorge nice meeting you.

    Ps Nice Personal Picture.



  16. Hey melvaughn

    My name is Jorge I really like that pic you have of that girl with the white shirt. Who is she.



  17. Hey limalicious

    I'm jorge

    I was just wondering the avatar and signature you have with adriana lima on it, were are those pics from. I just love them.

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