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  1. Hey Zahia

    How are you my dear, I know its been a while since we've spoken. We have to chat sometime. Everything is going great, I might be joining the air force or aviation school soon, I haven't decided yet. Write back to me sweetheart



  2. Aww thank you darling, I'm glad you like my statement. So how are you bella, how is everything? Hows School? And how are you feeling?

    Love you much carina


  3. hi carina

    I'm glad your back and well. I was worried about you. I'm happy my messages helped while you were away. So what exactly happened, were you sick? Tell me everything.


    P.s I love you so much too.

  4. hi carina

    How are you? Are you ok? What happened? I hope you're ok. I was wondering about you the other day. Well bella, write back, and tell me your fine.


  5. oh really, I will have to check it out. Yes saw is quite gory. OMG is the word for it. I only have seen part 1, and I was shocked. You have a brother? I didn't know, thats nice, I have two sisters, one is 17, and the other is 8. I never got a brother :( Instead I was given two great sisters :) So how are you?


    Bye Bella

  6. hahaha I'm so sorry, I still have lots to learn Carina :). So how was that movie. I've been wanting to see it for a while, I heard it was good. I hope your enjoying your vacation day Bella.


  7. hi carino, I didn't know the 1st of may was a vacation day in italy. That sounds great, I hope you are feeling better so you can have some fun! So what are you going to do? I wish I was there.


    Ciao Bella

  8. I'm so glad your feeling better, and I'm glad you understood my italian hehe. I'm doing great today thank you for asking. I'm probably gonna go jogging later. What are you doing today?

  9. Chicken is pollo here in the usa. So its minestra de pollo. I think thats how you say it in italian. Its good when your sick. How are you feeling today? I hope you are doing well :)


  10. I'm so sorry your sick, I hate being sick, especially when you want to do things. I hope you feel better, and take good care of yourself darling. I'll see if I can send you some chicken soup for you.



  11. My pc is doing well now, they changed many things that were broken (motherboard, video card, inverter board). I'm doing great, I'm actually thinking of joining aviation school :) How are you bella... kiss

  12. Hi Bella

    Its really nice to hear from you again too. Its been so long since we last spoke. This was the pic of you that I loved.. http://i32.tinypic.com/14v48c1.jpg

    Very beautiful. You can visit my page anytime too.

  13. Hey Cutie

    Just dropping by to say hi. You've got to tell me about how your teaching trip went. We haven't spoken in a million years, I'm so old lol. Drop me a line.

  14. Hey Francy!

    Thanks for the Happy birthday greeting. Sorry I Couldn't thank you before, my laptop was being fixed. Anyways, I just wanted say hi. Oh I love the bikini pic of you. Very bella!!!

  15. Hey mel, whats up girl. How have you been? I hope you are doing well were ever you are!!! I hope to hear from you. Tell me how your trip went or is going? Love ya girl. BYE

  16. wow, I totally love the pics. I had no idea you went to Miami, thats my home :) . Oh I saw your cats they are just so cute!!! I have to post some pics of my cat so you can see. I love animals

  17. Tiramis is my favorite as well, but I can never find it at the bakery :( Hope you are doing well.

    P.S You got to send me some pic's of milan, I would certainly love to see them.

    Bye bye

  18. aww thats too bad. You need to go to the beach and relax girl. I'm doing good myself , trying to push the business. I've gotten some clients already that are pending. But all is well.

    P.S I'm dieing for some tiramisu, send me some!!!

  19. My beautiful Italian beauty, how are you doing? Whats new?

  20. Hey Norah whats up?

  21. yeah Stewie is hilarious, I especially love peter and quagmire Giggity Goo!!! jajaj I love it, and love ya too Ashley, my name is Jorge by the way. Anyways just popping in again to say hi, and see whats new.

    Much Love



  22. I was watching family guy right now, cracks me up. Just wanted to see how you were doing.

    Love ya...MUAH!!!!!

    Later Ashely


  23. Ashley

    Thanks for the comment girl! Aww that sucks my comment didn't go through completely, neither did yours. lol. I got your digits as well its still 911 right haha j/k I love ya. Well dont be a stranger. Keep those comments coming. Love ya, Big kiss, big HUG


  24. Hey Ashely

    My website is www.gutipelli.com I sell custom Blinds for homes. Its a business me and my father are starting. Anyways, its been real cold with some rain here in Houston. Haven't real done anything fun these past days. On Sunday I went to downtown with the folks, we had to drop off my sister at her acting classes, so well all stayed in downtown the whole afternoon driving arou

  25. Hey Darling

    I'm doing real good. I'm so happy, I just finished my website on Friday. The old one I had was so boring lol. Anyways, enough about me. How was your week and weekend been going.

    P.S POKE!!!

    Kiss Kiss


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