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  1. Yes those fuzzy moments omg. I was never the one to study and get by. But for this sort of thing studying will be a necessity especially if I'm carrying precious cargo in the back (people). I know I will love it, that feeling of flying is so unexplainable, so beautiful... By the way what are you going to study?

  2. I see now, yeah there are various teams in Italy that get together for that event. I think thats how they are in Brazil (Fluminense) or Argentina (Boca). Well Boca is out haha to bad for my friend Nick. Do you go to any of the games. I would love to go see a match. So how are you today darling?

  3. Ac Milan, got it. So who do they play tomorrow. I'll be rooting for them!!! Go AC hahah :) woohooo.

  4. Nope, I haven't gone to any Uni. No hay days just, MAY DAYS!!! lol. I'm glad you like my photo, I just added it. I really don't like school that much. Its not for everyone, but I guess I have to start cracking the books open once I join air school, wonder how that will be???

  5. hey Francesca, how are you love?

    I was wondering, whats the name of the Italian football team that you like?

  6. Thats too bad, I hope you did alright. Right now I'm not in any uni or college. Right now I'm trying to get into aviation school, so I can be an airline pilot. The school I want to get into is kind of expensive so I'm looking for a better job so I can pay it myself. Hopefully by this year I can sign up and start.

  7. Ohhh, I really never liked the show to be honest with you. I guess its not my cup of tea. Who nows, maybe if I watch the movie I would like it. Cold war huh... I loved history when I was in High school. It was actually my best class as far as grades go. Good luck with your exams.

  8. Your so cute... If only we could meet :) I missed you too

  9. awww... I miss you too. You know I'm always here for my precious, and beautiful girl, always have and always will. So how was your day? Tell me everything, so we can catch up.

  10. SATC film? Good and bad like anywhere else in the world, some areas are nice and some not so nice. I love the city life, but I always like a place where I can escape like the beach or any natural place. Italy is such a beautiful country which offers both worlds. Ohh and the food, my goodness. So whats new???

  11. un fuerte abrazote!!! :)

  12. Yes, truly the world is a mess right now, but I know that some form of comfort will rise and come our way in this life. Ive never been to New York, although I've heard some good and some bad things about it. I know its expensive to live also. Yes Italy is a place I could see myself living one day.

  13. Oh really, I didn't know it would be better on a rainy day. Yeah my dad just purchased our house 1 year and half ago, and the costs are getting a little too high for him. I'm trying really hard to get a job but without a second car its a bit difficult with the hours. Umm, well francy knows that I would love to move to Italy

  14. Yeah its really bad. I honestly want to move from this country no doubt about it. Who knows how bad its going to get. The weather here was very rainy today, heavy showers. My sister is 17 going onto 18 soon. But besides all that drama everything is good I guess.

    P.s I'm glad your over you hayfever.

  15. SUCKSSSSSSSS Gas prices are up, food prices are up. The president is still a moron. What else is new? LOL :) It's not so hot today, which is good. Uhh gotta take my older sister to work later today. I'm good though every thing is well besides all the other stuff.

  16. It was probably the wine!!!!!!!

  17. awww

    I bet you worked hard this week with school and work. I actually fell asleep during the movie most of the time, I guess thats why I didn't like it that much hahaha.

  18. Yesterday I went to my friends house and we saw "We Own the night" It was ok, kind of dull at some points. I want to see that movie there will be blood, I heard it won a bunch of awards for best picture. Anyways... How are you darling? How was the movie?


  19. I know my movies :) I like watching movies, how about you? I'm in the mood for one now, wish I was there. Have fun at the cinema!!! Tell me about the movie later. :P

  20. Hey!!!!

    I think I have that movie, is it called "Taking Lives" ??? It was a pretty good movie. I wanted to see that Iron Man movie or Indiana Jones. It was nice hearing from you dear.


  21. so what are you doing today? Whats new? have you seen any movies?

    I'm just full of questions today lol

  22. Your welcome, as it was for me too a pleasure knowing you. See you around helen :P

  23. Yes I'm having the same issue when sending messages. It might be that there server is running slow, or there running some maintenance on it. It sucks big time right...

  24. Hi Helen

    It very nice to meet you. Well today is was raining here as well. Some light showers here and there with some humidity. What can we do, its nature right. Anyways right I just came back from wal-mart, I hate that store lol... Its like my third sister haha. Well got to run, it was nice talking to you.


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