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  1. :) Cheer up my dear, its just a video... Message me tomorrow so I can help and try to fix it.

    Missed you today... :)


  2. :) dont worry soon I willl be calling you Ms pomodoro.

  3. :) I was born in Miami, its a Hispanic name, very common.And yourself? Where are you from?

  4. :) Nice to hear from you Nichelle. I'm pretty good myself, thanks for asking... You sound pretty energized to me! hehehe, yeah night crew is awesome! I've got to admit it. I stayed til like 3 in the morning CRAZY!!! Sleeping early sounds like a good idea, God knows I didn't get so much sleep. See you around :kiss:


  5. :) Oh then you should be up and ready in no time ;). So its raining? That's how it started snowing here ahaha so who knows, maybe it could happen. I looked at some pictures of slovenia, its amazingly beautiful. I would love to travel there someday. Does your whole family live there?


  6. =) Glad you had fun, I just love that pic... its priceless. So how is your modeling career going?


  7. =) I'm glad you like it, it reminds me of how thoughtful and caring you are.

  8. =) Your sweet too. Really glad your well. I'm happy for you, glad your being productive, and happy about it. That to me is the sign of true success. So what have you been up too? How is your website by the way? Still need a partner for it? I'm your man hahah. Really happy myself, my manager is allowing me to train to become an autotech, or car radio installer for best buy. This is such an

  9. A big HUG back :)

  10. A big HUGG From your pal.


  11. A Merry Christmas to you too sweet heart :)


  12. Ac Milan, got it. So who do they play tomorrow. I'll be rooting for them!!! Go AC hahah :) woohooo.

  13. ahaha He did indeed deserve that and more!!! lol I was laughing my butt off... So funny. So how are you my friend? how was your weekend? Everything well?


  14. ahaha I know, with all his craziness, and his funny antics... He was a good president...... Nahhh I'm just playing, I'm glad that dude is OUT!!! lol The only thing I'm going to miss are his facial expressions, and all the comedians roasting everyday of his life.


  15. ahaha well, francy is the reason why I love her too, she has a sweet way with people I guess :). Thanks for you nice comment, I will see you on isabeli thread too


  16. ahaha, well I was out of power for 13 days. There was a hurricane here in Houston. Well now I'm back :) Allot of big trees fell by my house :O. It was crazy.

  17. ahahah omg you are a character. You were the first one to make me laugh today. That deserves a cookie! Although I don't have one to give you, next time you eat one just think of me ahahah. How are you today? What are your plans for the weekend?

  18. ahahah So how are you doing celine? What's new in the neighborhood? OH and how did the party go?

  19. ahahah that could only happen to you Helen omg. Well I'm so glad to read your funny comments... I missed them. Yes as soon as you upload those pictures let me know, so I can see them :). A big hugg

  20. ahahah y estas preguntas? Bueno si... para ver algo atras si... claro.. LOS CAROS :)

  21. ahahah Yeah I'm an owl myself... Its hard to leave my laptop alone :) Although no one on my MSN is on as late as I am, which kind of sucks, but oh well! I do the exact same thing, I say I'm going to get off in 10min, then I stay like an hour ahahha.... Its FUN! What can I say!


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