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  1. =) ahaha. I'm doin really good.

  2. Never mind. Its only a certain models that they have the larger version. <_<
  3. You don't know who will be doing it not yet. Hil's has no boobs though!! But nothing a push-up bra can't fix.
  4. What ? fery. You are saying that hilary is the third of your favorist. Sorry but SHUT UP . eh? wtf? why are you having a go? The more Hilary fans the better exactly wtf? what's your problem? And hilary is quite gorgeous. btw, on V magazine's website there is a larger version of that picture that d posted. i would get it, but im so lazy.
  5. OMG! Yes I saw! :woot: When her and the beverly hills socialites get drunk :rofl:. Or when she tells her assistant not to kiss the dog because she eats her own poop! :rofl: I don't think she's really pretty or anything, but there is something about her...she's she's she's just like really Posh.
  6. 1. Daria Werbowy (8) 2. Gemma Ward (9) 3. Jessica Alba (8) 4. Miranda Kerr (10) 5. Caroline Trentini (8) 6. Solange Wilvert (9) 7. Alessandra Ambrosio (9) 8. Karen Carreno (7) 9. Bruna Tenorio (6) 10.Lauryn Hill (3)
  7. 1. Raquel Zimmerman/Inguna Butane 2. Hana Soukopova/Tiiu 3. Miranda Kerr 4.Natasha Poly 5.Eugenia Volodina 6.Anja Rubik 7.Caroline Trentini 8.Doutzen Kroes 9.Coco Rocha 10.Alessandra Ambrosio
  8. Hmmm I guess Raquel Zimmerman I was obsessed with Alessandra for quite a while, but now I got sick of her <_<, I don't think I'll ever get sick of Raquel. EVER.
  9. And raquel has 71 pages!!! :hell yea!: :hell yea!:
  10. aww thanks thiago! escada ads are my fav
  11. :rofl: I left that comment soooooo long ago! You responded to it before, too. I remember it being something kind of mean. :s But maybe "lurker" means "sexy girl" here in Maryland. :shifty:

  12. Pilates are awesome ! I'd rather do that then wieght lifting <_<. And yay vs! You run a mile what a healthy girl!
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