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  1. hey! can i use the gifs you made for my avitar+sig? theyre so beautiful!! <3

  2. lol sorry?

    i dont have a clue about what your talking about :p

  3. HI! the guy in your set is super cute! who is he?

  4. hi! i was browsing through fan talk on Adrianas thread and i saw that you got to meet Heidi, but it wasnt a good experience? why?

  5. oh, your welcome! :)

  6. thanks for the add! i love ur set btw, and the one im using now that u made, thanks again! :)

  7. lol

    i dun like wearing what everyone has either but in Sweden nobody has it.. ive seen like 2 ppl with A&F here cuz they get in the USA so i like wearing it ^^ but ye VS doesnt sell anywhere except USA unless u buy online, which rly sucks.

  8. aww lucky you getta go shopping so much esepcially in USA u have abercrombie & of course VS, i have to wait until xmas wen i go back to Canada for A&F and i order VS onlien :p

    and happy bday in advanced :)

  9. well im trying to get tanned but unfortuntly the weather here isnt going so well. but since i moved to sweden and havent been anywhere rly we might go to stockholm or over to Norway :)

    so thats exciting,

    you? :)

  10. hi! im doing great and yourself?

  11. aha okej ;)


  12. :)

    i loveeee your new avi with her eyes like that



  13. thank you so much :)<3

  14. hi :) i was wondering if i could use 2 of the gifs on your adriana gif site! its rly good btw.

    the 2 i would like to use is the ones from angels uplift commercial :) let me know when you can :D

    thank you

  15. hey chocolate doll! :D

    i was wondering if i could use the Adriana gif you made of her on the runway as my avi :D id really appreciate it, its so beautiful :D <33

  16. i just posted them for you on the Adriana Lima lingerie underwear thread

  17. i got to request one because i dont have/know the programs to make it :P but imma use it so youll see it everywhere:D

  18. ahh^

    thank you :D

  19. hi jman :D I just saw the gifs you made from Adrianas football commercial, I was wondering if I could use some to make a set for BZ forum? Would that be ok? Let me know when you can, they were really good :D

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