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  1. I just saw One Night In Paris. Man she is so hot in that video. To bad she got exploided like that. But well worth if you like Paris..
  2. I completly agree. I don't like her anymore. I thinck she showed her true colors marieng this guy.
  3. Hey were are those 3 pages of booty? I can't seem to find the link anymore..
  4. If you guys like Charlieze you should watch 2 days in the valley. Great movie and she is in there.
  5. He she has to go with what sells. <_< I just wish she will tone up her legs a little to kind of match her new top
  6. She is verry nice but I heard she is verry spoiled and kind of hard to work with.
  7. Dam good pictures Does anyone have apicture of her when she wore that lace dress? I can seem to find it anywere?
  8. You know I agree, but she makes them work. I thicnk it brings her eyes out a little more wich is so sexy.
  9. I have a brilo pad fo hair. So it stays short and crazie, in a punk kind of way.
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