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  1. I hope Terry Richarson is about a Photo Shoot and not an affair.
  2. Can someone tell me what Miranda Kerr Dating History is like. I don't want to read through all 1654 pages. I thought Christopher Middlebrook Adrian Camilleri Jay Lyon Orlando Bloom Evan Spiegel. then I read names like Leonardo DiCaprio Justin Bieber James Packer Gerard Butler Terry Richardsen Chris Colls Jho Low. I thought Leo and Gerard and James are friends of Orlando or even both. Jho Low made many other gifts too, for example Leo. I thought she and Justin had exchanged text messages and he was hoping for more, and it wasn't until Orlando posted a picture with Selena in April 2014 and Orlando and Justin had their Fight after that one spoke of an affair With Terry and Colls, it was about an affair or because both are perverted I didn't understand what it was about.
  3. Thank you Sensual, I didn't know that he is married.
  4. I have a question about Candice Swanepoel for my daughter. Perhaps you can help me. I know that she was with Hermann Nicoli from 2005-2019. But I read on the internet that she had an encounter with Russell James in 2012 that was on a dating site about celebrity relationships. What would be strange that she worked with him for years afterwards. Since her boyfriend is also out of business, he would have noticed that. And Russell was Backstage at VS for his Book and Hermann was there once or twice and also at other photo shoots with her.And he would certainly not have liked the fact that she would continue to work with him or follow him on Instagram. So my question is is the fake or is there any real truth to it.
  5. I have a question about Christy Turlington Dating History. Most sites say 87-93 Roger Wilson 93 Christian Slater 94-99 Jason Patric 00-Pre Edward Burns. On one or two pages I have seen an encounter with Vince Neil 93 & 95 but in his she is not. In 96 an encounter with Wasee Panah but the other ladies in his list most are wrong. And supposedly 86 John Taylor from Duran Duran just because she was in the video. And two OnScreen Mark Paul Gosselarr Johnny Zander. Can someone tell me what the list is.
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