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  1. Hey everyone Does anyone know where this picture is from? is it VS?? and does anyone have it in a larger size??? Thanks in advance
  2. Congratulations to Jessica Hart on becoming a new VS model
  3. Can someone pleaseeee tell me where Victoria is here... is there more pics of these? Thanks in advance
  4. does anyone have this in a larger size ???? ( i got it from adrianaflima.com)
  5. Ok alot of your probably already know who this is but I dont. I would like to ask for help. So can someone tell me the name of this model please? Thanks People
  6. Hi people Can someone please post the pic on my display pic because my internet is soooooooo slowwwwwwww and it takes me a long time to browse through the pages, pleaseeee I would really appreciate it. I think I found it on this motion thread. Thanks
  7. Adriana looks stunning and sexy in this picture. Her new hair is perfect, the cut, and I lovveeeee the colour, its a perfect shade of brown. THE HAIR IS WOW you can do anything from looking girl next door to sexy like Adriana. thanks for the pics Miz B and sorry I cropped the pic, just wanted to show what I was commenting about
  8. Hello Everyone Does anyone have this Loreal Picture in full and bigger? Thanks
  9. Thanks to Elyse in the Adriana Lima Candids thread.
  10. Heeeyyy Welcome to Bellazon Like you Im also an Adriana Lima Fan (and Ana Beatriz Barros) Anyway have fun here on Bellazon
  11. Thank you so much limalove
  12. Hello Everyone Does anyone have these 3 pics in their original sizes??? I know the 3rd one is VS. If anyone does, I would really appreciate it if you post them. Thanks
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