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  1. House of Wax - good movie, I didn't find it scary, but then again I don't find any horror movies scary

    Chad :drool:

    Jared :drool:


    and how was Elisha Cuthbert ?


    she was gorgeous

    much prettier than paris


    Of course !! 'Coz Elisha's a lot more beautiful than Paris.

  2. On Pc:

    Baldur's Gate I & II w/ Add-ons (Official and Unofficials)

    Icewind Dale I w/ the Add-ons

    Icewind Dale II

    Planetscape Torment

    Neverwinter Night

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Civilization Call To Power I & II

    Civilization III

    Age of Empires I & II w/ add-ons

    Starcraft w/ the add-on Broodwars

    Diablo II w/ the add-on Lord of Destruction

    Half- Life w/ the add-ons

    Fallout 2

    Dungeon Siege


    Medals of Honor : Allied Assault

    Used to play to Counterstrike

    On Smartphone:

    A Myst Like called Atlantys (nothing in common with the PC game already released few years ago).

    On PS2 :

    Final Fantasy X , Final Fantasy X-2

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