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  1. Lady Gaga was great in House of Gucci! Jared was soo strange in that movie.. A little of topic but cute: a new little Marleo moment. I'm sure she secretly wanted that shirt as well🀭
  2. I also agree. Go team #Marleo Let's enjoy the sight of these two beautiful people together. Leo-Margot_hug.mp4
  3. I would love for Leo to work with Greta Gerwig. I can't wait for Barbie btw. When I think of Greta I always think of this: Always funny to see
  4. It would really surprise me if Leo would star in Avatar. Maybe a cameo because of the environmental topic but I don't think that's something he would do. But who knows maybe..? (3:34)
  5. James Cameron really did film a documentary for the 25th anniverary. Let's hope Leo and Kate are part of it as the rumors said. https://www.instagram.com/p/CnYEtIEJ-pW/
  6. We have to wait till November to see KOTFM??? That's tooo long. But I'm glad we will get Leo in Cannes and interviews and then againpromotion in October. Yes they must release a trailer soon. It's time.
  7. A little laugh about the poster again: πŸ€­πŸ˜„
  8. I agree Austin was great in Elvis. But Leo had to wait sooooo long for his oscar and was also great in so many roles. It feels a bit unfair.
  9. Right. She does look sad and distant in that pic. That was actually a pic of Rose alone and the put Jack in there. I can't find it though. That's why I love these ones more. I own the first one as a poster. I bought it in 1998 and it is still on my wall:😍
  10. I use instagram, youtube and twitter for Leo content. I don't like tik tok.
  11. Yes it does look like some fan edit. Also the pic is not sharp and out of focus (Leo's hand). The pic does look better as it was released before with the ship covering the hands, but I guess they wanted to do something new for this release. Didn't they have any other pics they could use? The fact they use a pic that is not in focus for their promotion for UHD/4K is kind of funny if you ask meπŸ˜„
  12. Please no horror movies ! I can't watch those. A thriller or crime movie with Leo as a detective solving a crime would be great. Medieval why not? Might be cool. Also I'm always for love stories. πŸ₯° As a female co-lead Margot Robbie or Kate Winslet please Speaking of:
  13. I think from watching his relationships over the years and the fact that most his long time girlfriends got married after him I assume the problem is that the girls want to settle down and have children with him but he wasn't ready or doesn't want that at all. Must be pretty difficult and sad if the woman he loves moves on with someone else again and again.
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