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  1. Ok, I got a hit. Her name is Gabriella Ellyse and she is on instagram with the same name. After 18 months, finally. https://www.stylevore.com/gabriella-ellyse-lingerie-bikini-swimwear-dresses-ideas/
  2. @ryesman1 so the reverse image search technology has improved, tried this site for free pimeyes.com, got several hits. The link to search result page: https://pimeyes.com/en?result=e14aefcf03e6a2a03e3e1f0b5f1f1e1e918e56f15a697ac4 There are lot of places her image occurs, trying to locate a name.
  3. ok...1 and 3 are the same person....but for some reason she isnt tagged on the instagram page unlike the plus size model for xgen "Ashly Alexiss".... I've been scouring the internet to ID this model...even tried reverse image search...so far no luck......will keep an eye out and post any update
  4. Thanks ryesman1!!! but model #1, Alana Campos isn't a match!!! here are few more photos of that model. Some of the other brands, she modeled for, Coquette, For Play, iCollection
  5. Model #3 can be found in this POST!!! ok so two to go!!!
  6. I have seen them on Yandy as well, but Yandy, is an e-retailer. So, the first two is from "Elegant moments" and the third is from "BodyZone Apparel". Thanks in advance!!!! I tried a google search using the brand and "bellazon" as keywords. It provided some results of previously ID'ed models on bellazon, but they were not the ladies that I was looking for. Wish there was database categorizing the models under brands.
  7. Her name please. She has done some work for obsessive lingerie, but, sometime ago.
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