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  1. Aloha to you too ;) xoxo

  2. merry christmas dear! xoxo

  3. Don't think about it, it wasn't problem at all! And you're from Europe, right?

  4. You pm inbox is full, dear! Thanks for the pics and on Sunday I'll watch En Cas de malheur for sure!

  5. Thanks dear, you're always so nice :*

  6. Merry Christmas xoxo

  7. Happy New Year my dearest Francaise :***

  8. :shy: Great I asked you to confirm, I've put you in Europe section, don't know why, probably bc of that Russia :D I'll fix it! :*

  9. Happy New Year!!! All the best!!!

  10. The pleasure is all mine :)))))) On your previous personal photo was really you, right? Really pretty!

  11. Yes, it's Angelina when she was kid :)

  12. Hahahaha

    Happy New Year to you too!

  13. LOL totally deserved!

  14. You're too modest! xoxo

  15. Welcome! Sorry for taking me too long to answer you, I missed your question somehow :(

  16. Thanks :D I love your too ;)

  17. Thank you :shy:

    I'm great, how are you?

  18. Awwwww, thanks dear, glad to see you again too! XOXOXO

  19. And you are so great, too :*

  20. Merry Christmas my lovely one! :*

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