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  1. :shy: Great I asked you to confirm, I've put you in Europe section, don't know why, probably bc of that Russia :D I'll fix it! :*

  2. again full inbox :))))

  3. Aloha to you too ;) xoxo

  4. And you are so great, too :*

  5. Awwwww, thanks dear, glad to see you again too! XOXOXO

  6. Can't send you pm :(

  7. Can't thank you for the pics, your inbox is full :D

  8. Cute pics in nature, like them! You're buying or making pogace? Yeah, that's the thing with them, can't stop eating them, especially when they are fresh and warm, and with some cold yoghurt, mmm!

  9. Dear, I can't send you pm, your inbox is full :) Anyway, thanks for new movie :*

  10. Dear, your inbox is full so I can't send you pms :(

  11. Don't think about it, it wasn't problem at all! And you're from Europe, right?

  12. Full inbox dear! Thanks for all the pics :*

  13. Gald you like my avi and your idea is great :*

  14. Great, thanks for asking. You?

  15. Hahahaha

    Happy New Year to you too!

  16. Happy Bday bella! Wish you all THE BEST! xoxoxo

  17. Happy New Year :*

  18. Happy New Year and all the best and great for you too!!! xoxo

  19. Happy New Year my dearest Francaise :***

  20. Happy New Year!!! All the best!!!

  21. Hi my dearest Francaise, ca va? That Portugal took you over from me completely! :( :D

  22. I gave Nefertiti my rates for Most elegant comp, she will contact you these days, or you can contact her.

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