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  1. Thanks hun and all the best for you, althoug I'm soooooooo late! Love you!!!!

  2. Hi my dearest Francaise, ca va? That Portugal took you over from me completely! :( :D

  3. Can't send you pm :(

  4. Love all the pics! Merci beaucoup :***

  5. lol I wish!!! That would be really better!

    How was it in nature? Weather was good? Btw, what's the weather like in Slovakia?

  6. I think you've never asked me, we didn't talk about that. I'm from Serbia.

  7. I think I can see you enjoy in nature, those things people can't fake :)

  8. Cute pics in nature, like them! You're buying or making pogace? Yeah, that's the thing with them, can't stop eating them, especially when they are fresh and warm, and with some cold yoghurt, mmm!

  9. Stopped to eat them or eat them just in "special occasions", they are not that good for my body lol

    Hey, I just saw these pisc in Your content, it's you?

  10. again full inbox :))))

  11. Can't thank you for the pics, your inbox is full :D

  12. Full inbox dear! Thanks for all the pics :*

  13. Hahahaha

    Happy New Year to you too!

  14. Happy New Year my dearest Francaise :***

  15. Happy New Year :*

  16. Merry Christmas honey :*

  17. Merry Christmas my lovely one! :*

  18. Welcome! Sorry for taking me too long to answer you, I missed your question somehow :(

  19. Yes, it's Angelina when she was kid :)

  20. I gave Nefertiti my rates for Most elegant comp, she will contact you these days, or you can contact her.

  21. Yes, it's Bar :)

  22. You're inbox is full, can't send you rates for Most elegant comp :(

  23. Your pm box is full! Just wanted to say I have voted in Models Comp :)

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