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  1. WINNER - MISHEL GERZIG 🏆 2nd. POSITION - CINDY MELLO 🥈 3rd. POSITION - ROCIO CRUSSET 🥉 TOP 10 4. KELSEY MERRITT 🎖️ 5. WENDEL MÜLLER 🎖️ 6. SHANA KOEHLER 🎖️ 7. MAGGIE RAWLINS 🎖️ 8. SHELBY BAY 🎖️ 9. COLLEEN COLE 🎖️ 10. SOHNIA AHMED 🎖️ Thank you all for make this competition possible. Congratulations to the winners. A new tournament is coming on February. See you very soon!!
  2. RESULTS - FINAL MISHEL GERZIG 6 - 4 CINDY MELLO RESULTS 3rd. POSITION ROCIO CRUSSET 6 - 4 KELSEY MERRITT Thanks to @Grievous, @ModelsSpainFan, @Bettina Saw-Morgan, @Topped, @Mousematt, @jessicanicole, @Ste382, @COP11, @Matt! for your votes.
  3. Doutzen Kroes Rafa Consentino Georgia Fowler Cindy Mello Sofía Resing Stephanie Rayner Chloe Avenhaim Kate Li
  4. According to the votes, the Final of the competition to choose the best catalog model in 2021 is Mishel Gerzig V Cindy Mello. The battle for the 3rd. position is Rocio Crusset V Kelsey Merritt. Please, choose your favourite model of each battle to know the winner and second place and the third position. In case of a draw, the model with more points from the 16 Round to the Semifinals will win the battle. Time to vote up to Friday 21st. FINAL MISHEL GERZIG V CINDY MELLO THE 3RD. POSITION ROCIO CRUSSET V KELSEY MERRITT
  5. RESULTS - SEMIFINALS MISHEL GERZIG 6 - 5 KELSEY MERRITT ROCIO CRUSSET 5 - 6 CINDY MELLO Thanks to @Grievous, @ModelsSpainFan, @Bettina Saw-Morgan, @Topped, @Mousematt, @jessicanicole, @Joe > Average, @Ste382, @COP11, @Matt! for your votes. Let's go to the Final.
  6. Kate Stephanie Jessica Chloe Blanca Eden Grace Riley
  7. SEMIFINALS The Semifinals are composed of 4 models and 2 battles. Winners will go to the Final and the other two models will fight for the 3rd. position. Please, choose one model by battle to let her continue in the competition and go to the final. In case of a draw, the model with higher points in the Quarter Finals will win the battle. Time to vote up to Wednesday 19th. MISHEL GERZIG V KELSEY MERRITT ROCIO CRUSSET V CINDY MELLO
  8. RESULTS - QUARTER FINALS MISHEL GERZIG 7 - 3 MAGGIE RAWLINS KELSEY MERRITT 6 - 4 SHANA KOEHLER ROCIO CRUSSET 5 - 5 WENDEL MÜLLER CINDY MELLO 7 - 3 SHELBY BAY Thanks to @Rsnina, @Bettina Saw-Morgan, @Grievous, @Topped, @Ste382, @jessicanicole, @COP11, @Joe > Average, @ModelsSpainFan for your votes. Semifinals are coming!!
  9. EIGHTH FINALS - PART 1 The Eighth Finals are composed of 16 models and 8 battles. This is the part 1 of the round. Please, choose one model by battle to let her continue in the competition. Losers will be eliminated. In case of a draw, the model with higher points in the Round of 16 will win the battle. Time to vote up to Wednesday 12th. COLLEEN COLE V MISHEL GERZIG MAGGIE RAWLINS V MARIA HRODRIGUES KELSEY MERRITT V RUBINA DYAN CASSIE AMATO V SHANA KOEHLER
  10. (Things missed from 21st. December to 8th. January) Hi everybody! Let's go to continue the Best Model Competition 2021. I'm going to update the definitive results of the Round of 16 so that we can continue the competition. The next round called Eighth Finals will start tomorrow. As always, thanks for your participation. ROUND OF 16: RESULTS. COLLEEN COLE 8 - 4 RENÉE WILKINS MISHEL GERZIG 6 - 6 LENTE HUGEN VALERIE CAMERON 5 - 7 MAGGIE RAWLINS PAIGE REIFLER 6 - 6 MARIA HRODRIGUES KELSEY MERRITT 7 - 1 ALEXIS CARRINGTON RUBINA DYAN 4 - 4 MILI PINEIRO VANESSA MOE 4 - 4 CASSIE AMATO SHANA KOEHLER 4 - 4 NATHALYA CABRAL ANELIA MOOR 5 - 5 CARLA GUETTA BRUNA LIRIO 1 - 9 ROCIO CRUSSET WENDEL MÜLLER 7 - 3 KELLY GALE NOOR SCHAUTEN 3 - 7 GIGI PARIS SOHNIA AHMED 8 - 3 BARBARA RODILES MELODIE VAXELAIRE 4 - 7 CINDY MELLO SAMANTHA ARCHIBALD 4 - 7 RAFAELA CONSENTINO MARIANA SALARU 2 - 9 SHELBY BAY
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