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  1. Its not her, its one of David's newer projects for Magnifik Magazine. Its either Flavia Lucini or something else from the first or second issue.
  2. Thanks for these additions. I was trying to find them but couldn't. Annoying that this show isnt on Vogue Runway, do you know where I can get pictures from the show?
  3. This crap should be against the rules. Use a normal file sharing site, or get out.
  4. Starting to see a theme here. Do the danish hate bras?
  5. Its one of those worthless british tabloids. I think this is most definitely a case of mistaken identity. He looks nothing like Brand Green.
  6. REJOICE, THE QUEEN HAS RETURNED 209783776_183835506938072_2231080990205060315_n.mp4 209179070_510135783426793_6715519347268340131_n.mp4 209179070_510135783426793_6715519347268340131_n.mp4
  7. I can't believe she isnt more popular here. Cant get enough of those bangs.
  8. It appears she recently got into a car accident and has a bad concussion :\
  9. Starving for her to get back to it.
  10. I guess they saw the increased sales and said you know what let's just go insane. This is honestly just really weird down to the choices. Really weirded out by a 17 year old being on this, Megan rapinoe is just insufferable and is terrible for the causes she supposedly represents. Priyanka Chopra is just an elitist garbage and finally there are only two models here. This is ultimately taking the spotlight away from so many deserving models and further saturates things with people that have no business being here. I didn't have much of a problem with what it looked like the previous direction was going. As I think really perhaps VS ran on exclusivity for so long and it never really was that exclusive and it maybe got dull. Disappointing.
  11. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cameron Hammond Edition
  12. So I've just realized that she had a twin sister, and now I wonder how many times I've seen what I thought was Ruth but it was actually May.
  13. Honestly if its him I dont agree with it. We are a lot less mature when we are 15, when you this young the amount of changes you go through is a lot and you change very quickly. Teenagers are stupid.
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