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  1. kenuma


    What about woodworking and othe same stuff? Do you like to do different repair and painting work?
  2. kenuma


    Morning, guys. Are you active user of catering service? How often do u use this kind of service?
  3. What foreign languages do you prefer to study?
  4. Private investigator helped me to find missing bride in Melbourne. I see post with contacts and tried to check it. Because my bride stolen all my money. I can say that private detective found her not so long ago.
  5. What about weighted blankets? This kind of blanket helps you to fight with stress. I used it too. I found good store on this page where you can choose weighted blanket for yourself. This blanket really helped me to relax and sleep a lot after work.
  6. Also you need to buy domain name. I have own website too. Plus I bought new ssl certificate on ssls.com which helps me to protect my privacy also wildcard SSL protect entire digital estate with a single certificate. You get security and savings, while showing visitors that every part of your online presence is totally protected.
  7. kenuma


    I use cisco and hola vpn in past. But now I use this https://veepn.com/vpn-apps/vpn-for-windows/ which is good for playing online games and watching IPTV channels like Netflix during traveling to different contries.
  8. kenuma


    Do you watch tennis?? Do you have favorite tennis players??
  9. kenuma


    How to start write poems or lyrics from beginning??
  10. kenuma


    Do you like gymnastics?? Have you ever tried this kind of sport?
  11. Guys, what do you think better to buy property or rent ones? Truly say I have rent apartment now, because I have not much money for buying own property.
  12. Where is better to spend holiday vacation?? Asia, EU or USA??
  13. kenuma

    Book quotes

    I have many favorite books and quoters.
  14. Have you ever think about Christmas presents?? What things do you want to get??
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