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  1. from school had a dinner party but now i feel really fat so i have to go work out. i also went to see step up 2 which is a bad movie! and im working all today, have you been working?

    i know what you mean about facebook distracting it takes up way to much time and its not even that fun!


  2. I go to birmingham university! its big but im nowhere near clever enough for oxbridge! i wouldnt want to go there anyway its kind of posh and geeky and not in a good way.

    no im not drinking this wkend yesterday my best friend

  3. thread but in all of them i either look like a drunk (even when im not!) or you cant see my outfit.

    are you out this weekend?


  4. yes we are that cheap over here! wow a korean store? i want to work at topshop, urban outiftters or a designer store so i get free clothes. i think a shop would be much easier work but you dont get tips there, the tips arent always good but they pay for nights out. or as irene would say my alcohol. im trying to find a pic to bulk up your what im wearing

  5. youve never had an easter egg? there amazing. when i get paid ill send you some english chooclate over there. i wont send easter eggs as they are now on sale i may bulk buy some when i go back to university so when im to poor to afford chooclate i have some.

  6. i'm amazed you can get stuff that cheap though! i should really move to la then i could be tan to!

    i work at cafe rouge i dont know if they have that over there its a french restaurant.

    where do you work in la? and looking forward to seeing your bff lc? hahha

    sumo suit! haha


  7. I am literally so bored and im getting fat as i keep eating easter eggs for breakfast. i need to start working as well i have 2 long essays to write. you have an american apparel that close to you? the nearest one to me is london which i cannot afford to visit right now!

  8. yes but that means id have to go to a maths lecture. which is the most boring thing ever. and i want to go to stay at hers soon so i can go to american apparel so i shouldnt really be looking at her maths dan. haha

    a sumo picture celine? lol.

    are you back at fidm atm? i have another 3 weeks off which is so boring!


    ps. lots of old posh men that eat oysters come into this

  9. hes gay? how dare he be gay! what a waste. my friend has a guy like dan in her maths lectures but she won't introduce me.

    i do get tips but not enough imo considering theres loads of old rich men where i work.

    your much luckier to work in a store.

    and i loved the chandelier pic! there are no chandeliers in our flat :/.

    hope your good celine.


  10. Behati! i wish lol. thank you for the compliment though ire.

    hope your good ire. see i came out of raqs thread :). you guys cant leave though as you make it hilarious.

    hope your good.


  11. Thank you :)

    Happy Birthday for last saturday! Hope you had a great day.

  12. I hope you enjoyed your celebrations also!

    Happy 2008! :)

  13. Hii!

    how are you?


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