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  1. More Lanvin if anyone is a supermodels.nl member there is a HQ scan of the first ad if you are one
  2. another lanvin ad scanned by skywire
  3. The first part of Vogue Nippon September 2008 "Portrait of a City" Ph. Mario Sorrenti Styled by George Cortina scanned by a.t ooh i forgot this one celine you will love this one.
  4. ^ in noticed that celine and thiago! i still find it funny that there in a celeb magazine. only because over here the people that do that are like footballers wives Preview of: Vogue Nippon September 2008 "Portrait of a City" Ph. Mario Sorrenti Styled by George Cortina the last shot is amazing! she looks a bit sci fi here!
  5. celine you are going to be hungover tomorrow!


    i wish i could party but i have to work tomorrow :(.

    tell me all about your night via pm! ill reply to your message later when im done here!


  6. billy crawford nooo? ill myspace him. i love kanye though!

    fish and chips celine! did you have a normal portion this time? haha


  7. ^ Raquel plays the rich celebrity bitch well! i LOVE the sticking her finger up pic and thiago i agree i had almost forgotten what a vogue paris ed was like and shes not jumping OR wearing a wig
  8. Vogue Paris August 2008 2. Reality Show (Preview) Photographer : Mario Testino Fashion Editor : Carine Roitfeld Model : Raquel Zimmermann Scanned by Dieselmax
  9. ^ She now has the same booker as linda evangelista. she said so in the istoe gente interview its exciting were getting new work again
  10. the full dna powerhouse shot! and shes in the new vogue paris shot by testino styled by carine! (thiago it actually came i now ask for at least one september cover) a preview and a preview of allure september
  11. On The Edge Model: Raquel (as Marie Amelie Sauve) Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier Fashion Editor: Marie Amile Sauve Scanned by Luxx at TFS lovely!
  12. I was hoping for an ed to thiago! but maybe vogue paris? if i ask for an ed in vogue paris ? i am looking forward to the powerhouse ed though. but now i want lanvin lanvin lanvin!
  13. 200 pages! thank you so much thiago and vini for all the animale pics this campaign is the best campaign in AGES. and US Vogue August 2008 on the plus she has normal hair . on the minus she looks strange (apparently she looks lovely though when you see it) thaigo your going to have a heart attack also featured in this ed is tanya! (though her picture is boring), maryna, karen, and sasha.
  14. ooh thank you vampirehorde! i look forward to your megaposts
  15. thiago i'm here! i've been at work ALOT . and celine i missed you! ill message you later when i have slept a zillion hours, and raquel needs a new ed!
  16. thiago i was thinking is she saying she was in rome recently for the commercial? or did she just mean last year when they did the book? i hope its the former! and i never said thank you for the translation!
  17. ^ and interview magazine and h&m! and an ed with christy turlington. oh and those eds in w and v we've never seen, if we ever do! i wonder if it is a commercial for palazzo or for a completely different perfume!
  18. ^ fery ! hii! an interview i found i spent about a million years translated it but i don't mind as raquel i think is going to be in a big supermodel edit (maybe the vanity fair one!) Part One
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