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  1. aw I was not even born in the early 90's, but I still feel your pain they kinda do (?) but they also make it look like someone gave you a front wedgie. hope it's a fleeting trend 🤞
  2. I will never understand how they think those weird "high leg" panties look sexy. it looks like the girls have the biggest crotches ever. when they put them on Elsa's FB look I just
  3. this to me it backfired the moment she mentioned the brand. if she was so concerned about making it about women and inclusivity she should have stuck to that, bc now that looks like an ad. worst of all, seems to make her statement "stop insisting that inclusivity is a trend" sound sooooo hypocritical bc here she is, in what is basically a well timed, subtle ad, talking about said inclusivity, pretending that doesn't make her sales go wild. it's now a trend more than ever. I bet she isn't blind to that
  4. thank you so much for these ones! they're so cool!
  5. I'm now noticing, if you thought that dress (?) was enough, her boots....her boots are socks inside sandals. I repeat: SOCKS INSIDE SANDALS
  6. I'm sorry if I'm reposting, but I'm screaming what the heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck
  7. Homegirl doesn't deserve being overlooked. Glad other big brands pay attention to her work, tho
  8. Wow shit really went down while I was asleep I just have to say I really feel bad for Sara. It will always be "next year" for her...smh
  10. Candice at least walked first with some tiny tule thing on her back edit: wait no it was the other way around, so yeah she may have opened
  11. Adriana deserves it. farewell, queen
  12. the hero we needed, honestly
  13. girl I hope so bc worse than having no cape or wings is to close with no cape of wings
  14. downtown angels is a tragic. sponsored by balenciaga. wasn't there a golden segment or something? candy opening? we've seen her two outfits and none of them was goldeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
  15. in the one she was waking with Rita she had no wings or cape. I mean, even newcomers get more. that's insane.
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