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  1. 44 minutes ago, TKC said:

    That eye makeup makes her eyes look funny.

    lol...are u a confused admirer? you seem to criticize something about her all the time...

  2. post-1324-0-1446078693-33366_thumb.gif


    Can someone ban this person (Berenq)? I mean seriously every your comment is one piece of shit! You don't know her,Cedric or Marko even Joe! Just leave her alone! 

    seriously so irritated by this weirdo

  3. Why does it matter if she doesn't like to go to events every night or not? It's her life, and as a huge fan you should respect that. Adriana doesn't do many things like most models do, but that's what makes her unique...and I love that about her. I think everyone continuously complains on everything she does. Seriously calm down, we don't own her she's a grown woman she could do what she wants.

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