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  1. OMG!! She is super f**king amazing at Elle event!!!
  2. http://www.rambler.ru/news/0/crime/564201263.html очень толковая статья
  3. So, I see that some girls from this forum from Russia have seen the programm today about Ruslana. They (her friends and some other people) have told about all that we told here already. But there was some interesting thing: the psychic came to the programm. And she said that she see: two men, her, some documents, stamp, and how they push her... She said that she think that it was murder. I don't know if you can believe it, but I can. I have said this already and I'll say it once again: she was killed! Честно говоря, чуть не расплакалась, когда показывали отрывок интервью с ней... Такая красивая, молоденькая, умненькая... Все время говорила с улыбкой...
  4. Wow, magic, thank you! She is so young, so fresh! How old is she here? And I like her long hair... She is really Lolita on these pics
  5. Hmm... I know that Natasha is the Queen of Vogue of all countries! And I love Natasha! But 2 times successively in Vogue July and August? In one country? That's crazy! Did someone model do something like that before Natasha? May be people from Vogue have seen that July issue were bought by all Natasha's fans so quickly, and decide to put her again? It's interesting, if there will be some ed's? Because the cover really doesn't look like cover - it's look like part of ed. But I really don't like this cover My favorite Vogue Cover in Russia with her was in September 2007. That's was amazing! In July 2008 it was good... But in September 2004 (I don't like her hair here and сlothes) and August 2008 (But bow on her head is so cute) --> So... Who will be on the cover of Vogue Russia September 2008? Хотя наш Вог меня поразил... Даже шокировал! Если б не Наташа - сожгла бы номер с июля! Статейки на уровне Joy и Mini... Читать этот блондинистый треп реально невозможно... Хотя еще год назад был нормальным, "на уровне"...
  6. I like her at Gucci Cruise and Gucci Party! Sooooooooo Beautiful! Thanks to all for the pics and videos!
  7. Now many people tell us so many tall stories because these are PR for them (Training centre Rose of the World, IMG Agency and all magazines and newspapers). And now it's very difficult to know what is from of that true, and what is false... Only her family and close friends know truth and only they will can to know the truth about her death...
  8. omg! jey47key! thank you, thank you, thank you x 1000000! I love your photos!!! Natasha probably has been very surprised when has seen the Vogue magazine? You should took a video of this moment )))) (I don't know how it say in english, hope you understood me) More Natasha's Style Have you seen these before? I like the last from myopera.style
  9. ReginaS, http://rpbarr.typepad.com/rpbarr/2008/06/t...korshunova.html Я тоже об этом думала... Она не могла выпрыгнуть с балкона так, чтобы перелеть крышу 7-го этажа и козырек над входом ибо это надо хорошо разбежаться, но высокие перила не позволили бы ей это сделать. И балкон находится точно над козырьком, а приземлилась она справа от него, на расстоянии середины стены "выпуклой" 7-ми этажки и не возле стены, а по среди дороги О_о. Почему все привязались к балкону? ТАК прыгнуть с балкона она не могла... Что если она порвала сетку чтобы спрыгнуть на крышу 7-го этажа, а уж оттуда, да, разбежаться и... (но ты ж читала ее блог - такой человек не мог не оставить какой-нибудь лирическо-философской записки... и свою маму она оставить не могла...) Или она была с кем-то, кто мог ее "разбежать", или... Или она была без сознания (или убита), и ее сбросили на 7-ми этажку, а оттуда - на проезжую часть... I hope that police give answers on all questions to us, because this is not simple suicide...
  10. I just can't understand this: 1) Artem Perchenok said that they saw film "Ghost" on this night in her house. 2) And then he said that he saw her off to home on the morning... 3) Then we can read that "Perchenok, who had remained close to his former flame and continued to share a cat with her, said they hung out at his parents' Queens home before he dropped Korshunova off at her apartment at 4 a.m." 4) "She came in this morning, she smiled, no sense of depression," said Mahmoud Nakeeb, 45. - why he don't say that she came with ex-boyfriend? 5) "I feel that she came to say goodbye," said Perchenok. If you feel that, why you let her did that?!? And in every sentense he say something to assure us that it was suicide... For example, her boyfriend Mark K. don't believe that it was a suicide... 6) Perchenok deleted his profile from odnoklassniki.ru before some hours when she died... 7) "The couple broke up last fall" - I think that Perchenok said this to journalists. But Mark K. said that "he met the Kazakh beauty through a friend in March" when she was in depression about broking up relationships with ex (Perchenok)... 8) "The pair moved into Kaminsky's Staten Island house just two days after they met (in march), although Korshunova kept the downtown apartment she treasured". So, why write that she lived for 2 month on Manhattan before death? I don't khow... There are so many contradictions... Or these are inventions of journalists?? So, police must will restore her each step in every minutes! 9) And, ok, if it was a suicide... She liked to write so much for herself, she wrote sometimes sad, sometimes funny thing, sometimes about love... I think she must leave a some note with all her ideas (only if it was a suicide, of course), or write in the blog (and she was on the blog at 5.19 a.m. (american time) on 28th june), or call to mother or to boyfriend to say "good bye"... So dark story...
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