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  1. [email protected] AAOF

    Ale will fly to LA to shoot a single girl 10-12 page biker story for Elle USA . The story will be shot by legendary Easy Rider actor Dennis Hopper and styled by Joanne Blades. This will be Alessandra's first story for Elle USA. She will evoke the tough biker chic of Easy Rider meets the supermodels of the 90's The story will run in the March/April issue of the magazine.

  2. Ale and Ana shots for GQ UK special for Victoria's Secret like it will be 20 pages editorial as well as the cover...

    As for Extra and Other things mod never said that it was air that date or not...Read his posts carefully......

  3. Ale is scheduled to shoot a new cover and story for GQ during the show. This time there will be only 2 girls shooting....
    Ale will start tomorrow with People (the only Angel they are reporting on) and Extra (Extra will profile Ale and Dri)

    The rumor is Ale's wings will be Gold.

    the rumor is she will open a section of the show

    Immediately after the show Ale will fly out to the West Indies to begin shooting Swim for Victorias Secret. The top art directors have held back key shoots until Ale was ready to step in front of the camera again...


  4. Ale and the fellow angels Heidi Klum,Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova shot for GQ UK cover during the vsfs.Cover will be feauturing 4 of them together.It might be on the news stands on may but not sure.

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