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  1. *gives angie 5 stars back* . This changed something hah :shifty:

  2. where ya been ?!! :(

  3. and this time i'll charge you double, ophelia :persuazn:

  4. youd better get some Adam Senn masks :shifty:

  5. im ... not so fine. :P . NOW GET BACK !!!! :persuazn:

  6. Hey Bridget-hater fella :D . I gave you 5 stars for that. Mwahahhaa.....

  7. the conversation you had with Matt is very interesting. Should i kill you both ?!! :mellow:

  8. *cricket, cricket*

  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You know it looks more like an ancient egyptian lady :rofl: :rofl:

  10. BITE ME !!!!!!!!!!

  11. :rofl: :rofl: OOOhhh, im so scared. *shakes ass*.

    And EWWW....HAHAHA look who was in your visitors list earlier...YUCK!!!!

  12. Hey, do you even have a MSN though ??!! :rofl:

  13. Wer best friends. :D

    Now whats your msn ID ? :shifty:

  14. YOU have always been my sex slave, matt :rofl: . And a slave can't have a slave so i'll think about Gabi's case. :shifty: .

    Marisa showed up with a limo so i turned her down. I said i want a jet. :blah:

  15. I moved to San Jose. Nothern California. Hows it goin. Havent seen you for awhile :D

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, cockroaches get nice things these days you know . :D

  17. sex slaves dont have the privilege to adopt their owners :shifty:

  18. great, now get your "beating" on :shifty:

  19. Mesmelies !!!!!

  20. your abducted by an alien ?!!

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