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  1. Thanks Pinky. 1 more year to go.

  2. Haha Thanks. Hope i'll enjoy being 20.

  3. We went to Target the other day. Because the huge clothes basket wouldn't fit in the shopping cart, one of us had to hold it and to save space, we threw a few things inside (which i think would cost more than $120). It turned out that the cashier forgot to check what's inside the basket (we didn't notice either as to this point). When we came out of Target, the censor rang and a security stopped us. After asking for the receipt and checking a few things, he let us go. Once again, the sensor rang but the guy told us to just keep going and ignored the thing. I was the only one to realize what's going on by then. For a moment, i thought i should come back and tell the cashier but that idea easily faded away in 2s, such idiots don't deserve my time and energy. What kind of a stupid cashier to make such a huge mistake and what kind of a moron that security is to even check, still didn't find out what was wrong. I love Target still.
  4. Ding!!! PennyD : 2 ( an extra point for " *farts in that general direction* " ). Tom Welling's lover : 0 This seems like a knock-out already.
  5. Meeh nothing much. I'm enjoying my last day being 19. I'm going to be oooold.

  6. {name}


    Next you're gonna tell us she's wearing a Wal*Mart jacket yeah ?!
  7. Yeah, i bought it for my grandpa and grandma so when they're suddenly tired of being Japanese one day, they can move to Philippine. I have no idea why Philippine though. Love, Joker.
  8. Ooooh Batman returns. Joker's gotta watch out.
  9. Yes, it is. The Dream Angels Fragrance. Here's a bigger one with the horse. Check out TG site (my signature) to see the video. On second thought, why don't i just give you the goddamn link eh ?! http://vscommercials.blogspot.com/2007/07/...ction-2002.html
  10. I secretly wanna kill some of the members here (if i have a chance to meet them, of course). Well ok, a lot of members here. Oh, and pip!!!
  11. Well, just a little some-some. Don't mention it, really. DON'T MENTION IT!!!!
  12. Anytime, dude. -------- - - - - -
  13. I just watched a show about Britney on E! "Fall From Grace" or something. Dude, they made it like a crime scene.
  14. This is Gisele's official site. She actually checks on it sometimes. Just afraid you all know. : P http://www.giselebundchen.com.br
  15. :rofl: Nice try, captain.

  16. Sometimes, to send the message, you don't have to be so obvious, Wild Rose. :persuazn: I can't imagine what would happen if they wanna advertise toilet paper.
  17. Ok this ad is beyond retarded. It's ... so wrong. . If it wasn't Gisele, i'd give it a 1-star rating. Her armpit is the only thing on her body you can touch, right dumbass ?!!
  18. Alright i know this should be in the motion thread but since you guys are talking about her nose, here it is. "I have a big nose, and that's fine. -blah-" . Awesome!!!
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