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  1. Bring it on, my room-mate, I aint afraid of any human. :|

  2. Go watch me kick TBK's ass. BAHAHHAAAA.... and how could you to change your avatar to some milky hags ?!!

  3. Ho ho, It's not that hard, mbinebri. All you need is a little beauty. :whistle:

  4. Yeah man. I'm running over there now. "blue for joker"... BAHAHHAHAHA..... That's AWSOME!!!

  5. Happy Birthday from Joker.

  6. :waves: get more active around dude :D

  7. Unlike you, i'm alike and live well. You're awfully quiet recently!!! :persuazn:

  8. Its Heather baby ! :D . Hey boy you looks cute ... awww... I wanna bite you HAHAHA...

  9. Oh snaaap !!! HAHAA forgot about that thing. Glad your here now :clap:

  10. I meant i'm "alive" :P

  11. Not much. but i'm planning teasing more people. BAHA.

  12. r u tryin to trick me in s.t or its part of the joke ??????

    I only have a billion of friends and my mom loves me only more than herself. *stares*

  13. dude, my msn sucks so much ass. I don't think i could ever use it again...

  14. Ken has gone crazy over my profile :|

  15. Habee Bday Thiago.

  16. Hey Egle !! ;) !! I think im not anyone's favorite either.

  17. Rofl...

    and "huge" in your tiny leprechaun world means how much in real worl ?? :) ...


  18. YOU have always been my sex slave, matt :rofl: . And a slave can't have a slave so i'll think about Gabi's case. :shifty: .

    Marisa showed up with a limo so i turned her down. I said i want a jet. :blah:

  19. BAHA, i'll try for you then... :whistle:

  20. hahaha... Its just that i have a lot of haters. So its wise to protect yourself before hand.

  21. Phew... i thought youve gone wild.

  22. Blasphemy !!! A Pirate will never afraid of the dark ... MWahahaha....

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