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  1. We'll have the result by tonight. Oh boy, this is either really good or, really bad. :whistle:

    I like McCain, but i've always despised Republican. Alaska governor Sarah Palin McBitch was my top concern. McCain is so old his sperm is powder. He would die anymoment and if he dies, America's biggest bitch will be the president. Oh Em Gee, that is so wrong.

  2. Heather, in one post, I have forgiven you for being gone so long :rofl:

    Yeah... but seriously, though. During the book, I could sooo imagine myself strangling Stephanie Meyer's neck for non-stop bitching about how beautiful Edward's pennis is. I thought they would at least pick a man instead of that... sissy. :ermm:

    And by the way, Rosalie looks nothing special. *blergh*

  3. ^ Pinky was lucky Gisele's hair didn't stick on her lips like Heidi's did, BAHA...

    Anyway, rumor has it that she's going to be at the VSFS this year. Rumor was wrong?!! Somebody confirm this...

  4. Alessandra Ambrosio vs. Miranda Kerr

    Before you watch: OK so Alessandra was trying out a new Supermodelwhatever perfume when she "accidentally" sprayed it on both eyes of Miranda Kerr, and then gave Miranda an evil laugh. Miranda was, of course, falling down for the amount of alcohol burning in her eyes. Thinking that she's going to be blind, Miranda thought of an instant revenge. She reached out continuously, trying to bitch-slap Ale but very quickly, Ale took her down by locking all Miranda's movements (by hugging her, of course). The atmosphere was pretty intimidated and the other angels were yelling with fear: KK, Adri, Selita, Izabel altogether : "NOOOOOO!!!!!"... Ok i exaggerate it a little bit but something like that happened... WATCH!

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