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    The Cullens bought it for him last Christmas sale. Didn't I tell you it's a low budget movie? :persuazn:
  2. Hard to tell... with the photoshop techniques nowadays she can even have 3 tits.
  3. Monkey Bars. The monkey bars, also known as the jungle gym or climbing frame, is a piece of playground equipment made of many pieces of thin material, such as metal pipe or, in more current playgrounds, rope, on which children can climb, hang, or sit. The monkey bar designation was for the resemblance that playing children had to the rambunctious, climbing play of monkeys, though the term nowadays often refers specifically to a single row of overhead bars designed to be swung across.
  4. Now I hate that bitch even more. :evil:
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    I'd just assume you guys are fooling yourself. I took some friends with me to Twilight today and apparently, i was the only one to understand the movie (for i'm the only one to read the book). The actions were so poorly computerized and the theatre was packed with 5 year old kids (or 15, couldn't see the difference). If i were to be Stephanie Meyer, i would sue the hairstylist of this movie. God dammit, Jacob Black looks just like Alessandra Ambrosio in her giving birth stage. I bet he couldn't move too fast without worrying about the wig falling off. Kristen's acting was hilarious. Look up and down - babbling in alien language - stop to look up and down again - back to babbling. Awww.... that's cute Kristen, but.... F Jasper looks like he has a mental disability and Carlisle looks alot whiter than necessary. It was like... yeah we get it, vampires are supposed to be pale but you don't have to put 5 tons of baby powder on his face, dumbass. This movie scored a D to me.
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    Cut it off, kids. Stop asking for fancy actors, how are they gonna afford a Johnny Depp, huh ?! The movie was actually on a low budget so Edward's car is replaced by a shiny scooter and Rosalie will be driving a red shopping cart (HAHA, convertible, get it?!). Yeah... it's that bad.
  7. Beware when you are referring to those emo kids (aka attention whores), they might get angry and dangerously engrave "Must Kill x2121" on their forehead. .
  8. {name}

    Please help.

    Look kids! Only the first day at the forum and she already knows how the threads are supposed to look like ,and even put this in the proper section. Isn't this suspicious super ?!!
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    "Somebody get off my face, MEOWWWWWW!!!!"
  11. We'll have the result by tonight. Oh boy, this is either really good or, really bad. I like McCain, but i've always despised Republican. Alaska governor Sarah Palin McBitch was my top concern. McCain is so old his sperm is powder. He would die anymoment and if he dies, America's biggest bitch will be the president. Oh Em Gee, that is so wrong.
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    They also ship it for free on Limewire if anyone interested...
  13. Hey, has "chubby" become the new trend when i was gone ?!! *glances on Heidi*
  14. This is what will happen if i catch a sight of Seal on stage...
  15. I do like badminton better, but tennis is another fun. And hang on, stalker, how do you know i'm taking tennis?!

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    Yeah... but seriously, though. During the book, I could sooo imagine myself strangling Stephanie Meyer's neck for non-stop bitching about how beautiful Edward's pennis is. I thought they would at least pick a man instead of that... sissy. And by the way, Rosalie looks nothing special. *blergh*
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    That lesbian is Edward Cullen ?! :|
  18. Cannibal teddy bears ? They'd better be hot. :whistle:

  19. Nothing much, Toms. Just a little busy with school, 2 jobs and a tennis class. Retards have taken over this place and i don't have much time in hand like i used to do. Bad. This is bad.

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    Ho ho ho, admit it. You just can't stop coming in here to see her.
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    ^ Pinky was lucky Gisele's hair didn't stick on her lips like Heidi's did, BAHA... Anyway, rumor has it that she's going to be at the VSFS this year. Rumor was wrong?!! Somebody confirm this...
  22. Get a life LOL ^_^ <3 <3 limx=y &%##^...
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