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  1. If he runs away, i'll make your life worse than dying. Now go clone The Joker and make him happy. SHOOO !!!

  2. why dont you just tell me what it is so i can submit easier ?!! Eh ?!!! :brows:

  3. wait for a little bit forever more. *winks*

  4. i'm heck of bored. Entertain me....

  5. You're always everyone's unexpected guest anyway...

  6. HAHA im ready !! *gun* LOL.

    And My Yahoo sucks :(

  7. what's up with that horny face in my profile, albaforever ?!! :shifty:

  8. Alive ! You ?

  9. :ROFL: ....whos on your side now Matty ??

  10. ...to beat me up ?!! :( . Like half of the forum ?!!!

    Why ?!! im so adorable ?!!! *cries*

  11. It was okay. I have a Spring Break comming next week. Mmmnah... dont like Spring Break !! You ?

  12. Thank you for making reservation !!! Our group is full, but we might need a cheerleader so... Again. Key word: might HAHAHAHA.....

  13. Ooooh !! And then what happened to Cinderella, uncle Ogre ?!! I love fairy tales...

  14. At least he can beat KBIII anyday, wimp.

  15. So you paid the guy kinky sex ?!! : |

    Poop!!! I need to make some .gifs. I'll find another free one. Teehee...

  16. Poor ya, baby !!! Take care... ;)

  17. I have never rated anyone less than 5 stars in my rating history. INCLUDING YOU JERK.

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