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  1. On Ale's forum too ? Woa, i met alot of my old friends here ...

  2. Yeah, Im drowning in the thoughts of you. It's voodoo. Lots of focusing. :whistle:


    And btw KBIII, it's "traitor".

  3. Hey hey hey hey, where ya been ?!

  4. Dont worry, shes free !!! HAHAHA.... *runs*

  5. I didnt buy the hamster. DAMN !!!

  6. Happen to log in today and saw your message. Look like you're married.


  8. A visit in my profile and all you noticed was my b-day year ?! WHat's about my personal statement and... other things YOU .....YOU..... !!!

  9. I wasnt "saying" i was "demanding" !! :persuazn: .

  10. Err... Happy Birthday.

  11. Yeah Mike. Your baby is here. >:3 . Dont you miss me ?? LOL ...

  12. same old, same old... mbinebri is still flirting with girls and i keep ok bashing members... :shifty:

  13. Your like the first one on earth how come you dont post anything at all ??? Just a thought. :whistles:

  14. :rofl: sorry baby. Im cold.

  15. Hey BAKA watz up ??!! :ninja:

  16. I cant believe your here too :D

  17. Because im so nice and care for other people.


    *meeh, like hes gonna get it if he werent one of the admins.*


    HAHA, im kidding.

  18. keep on*

    DAMN IT !!!

  19. Your welcome girl. Rock on !!!

  20. :rofl: My avatar looks kickass HAHAHA... No, why ?? Is she put into jail also ??

  21. ah hah !!!! Told ya i have a lot of fans :shifty: . And that kid should really watch out :persuazn:

  22. BOO !! A visit from the Joker you've been dreaming for...BAHAHAHHA......


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