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  1. Screw Paul the psychic octopus, MY OCTOPUS RULES!!!
  2. Hey hey, I've just recently found my hidden talent. This should put that bitch, Mona Lisa, to shame. <:-} Anyway, BUMP!
  3. Geh, i grow bored of this place (or the internet). That's why. Later, hehe...

  4. Miss me?! Then why don't my-pretty-self share with you some of my holiday spirit eh?! This was me this morning when I recieved my paper lover (the beautiful thing in front of me). And this is nothing. Hehe, happy holiday.
  5. Because of the economic crisis, the VSFS this year will be held on 8th Avenue in downtown New York. Admission free. Starts at 7pm right after the swine flu shooting. Bring your own chair.
  6. Yah. I add another 2. Now, I HAVE 4!!! Duuuudes. I totally forgot about the show. When is it aired?! I did a little search and found out their major angels are gone. See, Gisele and Tyra were long gone. Victoria's Secret forbid walking cane on runway so grandma Heidi Klum is probably not gonna be there. The evil bitch, no, Adriana the goddess is having a baby. And due to a budget cut in this economy, Selita and Karolina are sent backstage to help with the light and sound crew. That literally makes me wanna cry.
  7. All hail the thanksgiving break. School and work have been crazy for me. Graduating in Spring. Can't wait. Soon, i'll have a boooy friend, oh ho ho ho. HEHEHE... of course not. Boys should be looking for me, duh! How are you guys, mbibrine, yours forever, pink ... ? Are those guys still posting here ? but who cares, this is about me. ho ho ho...sorry guys. i've turned into a very, no, a more self-centered person. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Can't change the way i am! I normally dont post picture but am just free from braces, plus those ho(s) in the picture thread irritates moi. Gotta put them to shame. teeheee... Happy thanksgiving and if i don't remember this thread, merry christmas!!! New face - the braces, new make-up, new hair - Victoria inspired, new boobs (thanks mom)
  8. Sorta. If you read the book. It might disappoint some because [spoiler alert]
  9. Here we go, the one and only worth-watching movie of 2009 (or the 21st century). IT'S.... *drums roll* MY SISTER's KEEPER!!!! - Anna doesn't look too smart but quite fits there. - Alec Baldwin as Campbell Alexander? -_- - Julia was not even mentioned. Hell!
  10. Stop ruining the fun, bitch!
  11. I think most "BZers" don't have friend, so why bother the gift ?
  12. Ho ho, It's not that hard, mbinebri. All you need is a little beauty. :whistle:

  13. Why thanking each of you in your personal page while i can thank you all here? Thank you!

  14. hey thanks. At least i'm a legal bitch now, eh?

  15. Hey thanks. I partied last week already, though : P

  16. WOOOO!!! YOU ROCK, Mr Dog!!! BIZ BIZ!!!!
  17. {name}

    Funny Videos

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA... -- This gets me everytime too
  18. {name}


    The long hair boy who couldn't stop wiggling his head (in case you don't know he's wearing a wig).
  19. {name}


    It's out of stoQ even the 2nd hand version! Try Barnes and Noble. They gave me $ to take some away.
  20. Ohh.....Elizabeth.....iss.......dooing........well......wiiith......uss. Thaanks......fooor.......aasking......RaacquelSaaanderrrs. There. Get it? By the way, his baby's name is Elizabeth right?
  21. Oh Elizabeth is doing well with us. Thanks for asking, RacquelSanders.
  22. {name}


    Why don't I save you $10 ?! Disclaimer: This is an illustration of the movie Twilight, not the book. Big difference.
  23. Twilight. I laughed so hard at Jacob's cheap wig my tears came out.
  24. 19 today?! H.B, girl.

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