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  1. i bet you juat did anal sex with some girls there :ninja:

  2. Im not a member there yet so i cant invite anyone. (is that what you mean though??) . I used to be a member of FMT but not anymore. After the site crashed down, my information, posts were all deleted. And you can obviously see its so damn boring now so i dont wanna register again... :| :| , i might someday though... :P

  3. :rofl: sweetheart, Its a quote from the devil wears prada...

  4. Maybe, Sarah is trying to invite me, i hope it'll work. Why ?

  5. Maybe, Sarah is trying to invite me, i hope it'll work. Why ?

  6. i think that woman is hightly retarded :ninja:

  7. HAHAHA...my baby boy found the comment thingy...woohoo...

  8. about the defending thing, i thought it d be very stupid to explain to a crossed eyes person that Ale's eyes are not crossed !! :| :|

  9. i see. I thought you like Gisele better... :shifty:

  10. :rofl: oh boy. Just be careful, dont go to the dark at night...

  11. Yup, I am. :drool:

  12. HAHHAA...Mbinebri is everywhere i go. You go girl, venezinha !!

  13. it sounds like a dick to me :| :| :|

  14. HAHAHAHHA..... Nice one !!! :shifty:

  15. I guess i have a big crush on you if this is not pedophilia :rofl:

  16. HAHAHA... its ok. You'll get used to it. :shifty:

  17. There you go, 3 stars >:3 . I just gave you 5 stars. But anyway, i think its the ranking how bad we are, so you might dont want alot of stars, HAHAHA...

  18. just take a look. :shifty:

  19. hahaha... Its just that i have a lot of haters. So its wise to protect yourself before hand.

  20. Hey Egle !! ;) !! I think im not anyone's favorite either.

  21. I posted his pic in the Pet's thread. :ninja:

  22. I posted his Pics in the Pet thread :ninja:

  23. Matt, Bugs' dead !!! :cry: ...

  24. lucky boy !! i gave you 5 stars for the good user name .

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