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  1. your great in everyforum :) Thank you !!!!

  2. Who is YOUR girl ?? :blah:



  5. Remember Heather from Ale official forum ?!! Yes, you may scream now.... :shifty:


  7. Million thanks for the VS video.

  8. HAHAHA... its ok. You'll get used to it. :shifty:

  9. tell him to kiss my ass

  10. I guess i have a big crush on you if this is not pedophilia :rofl:

  11. Yeaaah, it's ok i'll create another thread for you. BAHAHAHA....


    It's actually 6000 something posts but i lost some after the site's crash. Meeh, who cares ?!!.


    I just got back from my thanksgiving vacation in LA. How was yours ?!!


    Just gave you a 5star rating. Pay me back something....

  12. a bigger appartment :D

  13. I saw you in my Vistitor List :shifty: ... Tee Hee hee hee.....

  14. :rofl: Thats my job.

    Oh, and i saw your comment on the thread i made for KBIII. Brilliant. :rofl:

  15. Your on !!! Piiii-Kaaaa-chuuuu !!!!

  16. it was deleted due to the bashing rules :rofl: . Thats forseen !!!

  17. Geh, i grow bored of this place (or the internet). That's why. Later, hehe...

  18. love your avatar, buddy !!! HAHAHA.... :D

  19. I suddenly saw your name on my visitors list. Miss me ?!! :shifty:

  20. Duuuuude, you need to be around more often.

  21. :rofl: YESSSS :persuazn:

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