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  1. I have no idea which VS sexy book though.
  2. Look at this picture for 2 mins. Exactly 2 mins (or so). :|
  3. {name}


    I think Irene must have never seen Seal, Miranda's or Alessandra's boyfriend (or let us say any supermodel's boyfriend eh?).
  4. It's 2 : 20 AM here and still in recovery from The Grudge a few days ago. This makes me forget about The Grudge though. Thanks.
  5. Destiny - True. If i have really big boobs, i'll make sure milk is the only thing that's inside. But i want these... If my husband messed up with me, those bottles would be replaced by his head. BAHA!!!!
  6. Too bad you failed. I'm still suffering over here. Morons have taken this place over.

  7. Happy new year, sexy.

  8. If that's true, he's perfect for VSFS 2007.
  9. Happy new year, everyone.
  10. Happy new year to you too, Destiny. : '

  11. Warning: May contain too much hotness. TEEHEE. Kissmesweet
  12. {name}


    I don't know what are those people complaining about. When it comes to hotness, Tom rules. I mean c'mon, the best supermodel is with a football hero. Nothing could go wrong.
  13. {name}

    Your funeral song!

    And if you died of happiness, should we play "if you happy and you know it" , buhlack ?!
  14. {name}


    Who is that dumbass walking beside her ?!! She's in every picture.... OMG... THE GRUDGE!!!
  15. Exactly!!! Qball must have never seen my butt.
  16. Duuude!!! Find 6 differences in 2 pictures. -
  17. well obviously, she would have been too scared of Naomi's cell phone TEE-HEE... for anyone who didn't see my master-piece.. :evil: Or maybe VS asked to her to play a monkey role at Victoria's Secret Circus Show 2007 so she left. I KNEW ITTT!!! :shock:
  18. Actually, nevermind. Fella.

  19. Or Banana Republic, Irene. Those are cool names.
  20. Actually it's a good thing. mov and mp4 files help save memory space of your ipod. A vsfs video in .avi format will take up to 600 MB whereas it only takes 170 MB in .mp4 format. So you can store up to 5 shows in your ipod without worrying about the memory space (this applies on all kind of ipods except for that lame-ass shuffle). Cheerio!!!
  21. *laughs at Destiny's nose* HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........
  22. Yo yo yo. Joker has visited your profile. From now on, you're famous. BAHAHAHHA ....

    (JK )

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