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  1. Haha..mbinebri is trying to seduce me. Not succeeding though !! LOL

  2. Sarah where have you been ?!! :(

  3. He's trying to seduce me !! Its hard though :shifty: ROFL

  4. :rofl: Dude, you must have a lot of haters. :rofl:

  5. There is. Check out the site. And stop all the Qs. :persuazn:

  6. Meeh nothing much. I'm enjoying my last day being 19. I'm going to be oooold.

  7. :rofl: yes bee, and dont forget the Jingle Bell song HAHAHA....

  8. *sneakin* :ninja:

  9. great, now get your "beating" on :shifty:

  10. Hey Bridget-hater fella :D . I gave you 5 stars for that. Mwahahhaa.....

  11. then isnt such stupidity makes our lives a little more exciting ?!! I love bashing members :fan:


    Oh, and the personal link thingy - IM GENIUS !!! BAHAHAHA...

  12. I've never wished the smiley like :kill: would work here right now. :Kill: :Kill: :Kill: :Kill: :Kill: :Kill: :Kill: :Kill:

  13. i bet you juat did anal sex with some girls there :ninja:

  14. What did you do recently Jackass ?!! What have you done to humanity ?!!

  15. My apology for the double comment but i forot about "can I also say then that I take your breath away?"


    Here's my response : " HAHAHAHA..... " . That's all.

  16. HAHAHA ...about the same here....(man, i hate same things). Your Avatar !!

  17. Look for Heather or Bugs Bunny :shifty:

  18. Woa, Looks like i miss something. Anyway, Habee B-day.

  19. if its not Easter and i dont have to keep the vegeterian diet i'll eat you both. :Kill: :Kill: :Kill:

  20. oops !!! My bad :P

  21. 19 today?! H.B, girl.

  22. "baka" ?? :rofl: Told ya. Its a swear word. Like "F" word HAHAHA....

  23. Cannibal teddy bears ? They'd better be hot. :whistle:

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