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  1. Thanks so much everyone for the pics and the clip from Don't Look Up! His eyes, oh myπŸ₯° and what a fuckin' hot professor!
  2. I see Leo's doing some big things, and yes, Leo nude and horny is a great thing πŸ₯° Thanks Jade for the latest news!
  3. Thanks ox, Jade and YouNoMe for the posts! Leo's face mask can never hide his beauty I like Leo's little tat 😘
  4. Thanks Jade, Shepherd, and ox for the posts! Yeah, having trouble with the forum too.
  5. Thanks @YouNoMe for the compliment πŸ˜™ and everyone for the posts!
  6. Thanks Sugarwater, Jade, akatosh, AliceT and ox for all the latest posts! The pics were a nice surprise 😁
  7. Thanks ox, akatosh, Mirella and kellysbslover for the posts! That's a great gift kellybslover 😁! I think Leo will perhaps one day do a documentary of some kind when he's older about the fame he's experienced. An autobio one of these days would be great, too!
  8. Jade, girl, you gonna have me watch The Departed all over again 😍 I agree Mirella with all that was said about Leo and you have a great day too!
  9. 3 movie characters I'm very attracted to: 1. Danny Archer 😍😍 2. Jay Gatsby 3. Billy Costigan/Rick Dalton I'm about to watch the teaser and thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks everyone who's posted the news, articles, clips, vids, pics! I've got catching up to do πŸ₯°
  11. Thanks ox, Sugarwater, Jade and YouNoMe for the posts! It's wonderful Leo has so many fans around the world
  12. Thanks everyone for the latest posts! Leo was so cute with those cheeks ☺️
  13. Thanks Sugarwater for the video clip and I enjoyed reading about all of the restaurants, different shooting locations, all the shots of Leo and the history as well! Thanks ox for that newspaper clip! This makes me more excited for KOTFM and thanks Jade for the Tumblr post! Those sexy Scorpios, and yes, Leo can look through a person with his beautiful eyes πŸ₯°
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