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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Love your avi anf sig! Pretty did an amazing job! (:

  3. Loving your set! Can't wait to see that movie...

  4. The girl in my avi is Carla Trujillo (:

  5. Thanks for letting me know! I will look for some pictures!

  6. She is Carla Trujillo (:

  7. Your avi is perfect! I love Lana Del Rey just thought I would tell you lol

  8. Hope your Christmas and New Year is amazing !

  9. Hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

  10. Here is Celest's thread. Thanks for introducing her to me! She's gorgeous <3


  11. I only know her first name is Audray, but here is a link to her agency (:


  12. She is Rosie Tupper (:

  13. who is the girl in your avi ? (:

  14. I was wondering, who is in your avi? She's pretty <3

  15. love your taste in models, you have introduced me to many new favorites (:

  16. Vita Sidorkina (:

  17. Happy new year to you too! Hope you have a great one! <3

  18. Hey hope your christmas was wonderful! Hope you have an amazing new years too! <3

  19. Hope you have a great Christmas and New years! (:

  20. thank you! Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year too! and really random but, I love RHCP too!<3

  21. thanks! I know you love Anna too ;) I always thought she was pretty, but now I think she is just so gorgeous! Love her bone structure <3

  22. yes I like Emil a lot ;) thanks for starting his topic!

  23. thank you! :hug: I think we must have similar tastes, I always love the topics you make too! ;)


  24. haha I did actually! thank you, and I can't understand why she doesn't get more work, she is pretty!

  25. oh sorry you can ignore the last comment, I figured it out (:

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