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  1. Love the Heidi avatar and signatures!

  2. Love the avatar!

    1. donbot


      Thank you :hehe:

  3. What's shaking? Hope all is well.

  4. Hope all is well. Also hope you'll get some down time during the holidays.

  5. Hope your summer is going well!

  6. Welcome to BZ! Hope you enjoy your time here :)

  7. Can I take a rain cheque? As amazing as that sounds, it's not possible for me to make it. However thanks for the warm thoughts :D

  8. Good to hear. can't wait to hear all about it :D

  9. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you vacation was relaxing and eventful.

  10. Have a good trip, visiting the boards won't be the same while you're gone :)

  11. Thanks for the kind words Theresa! I'll do my best not to spoil your fun. They say the thrill is in the chase ;)

  12. Why would you want to find me? There isn't anything to see :P

  13. Hope all is well and that it's not all work and no play. :) See you around.

  14. Wonder Woman is from Paradise Island ;) *pushes imaginary glasses closer to forehead*

  15. How's everything at Paradise Island, Wonder Woman? ;)

  16. Thanks so much for the Chandra images you scanned. Gave you the five stars you deserved!

  17. Love the Anne Hathaway avi :D

  18. Love the avi :D

  19. Happy Valentine's Day Wonder Woman :)

  20. Love the new avi and siggy!

  21. Is your avi from teh new SISI? If so, wow wow wee wow. Looking forward to picking it up.

  22. Hope your paper went well and that you got some good sleep in :D

  23. Wonder Woman, bored out of her mind and nothing to do? I find that's another thing I find impossible to believe about you. Also Sexy Nerds? I am a "bit" of one myself :P

  24. Nothing much going on today. How about you? Things good on your end?

  25. You really know how to twist my arm :P Any ideas of what we should call the band? Also, who's playing what?

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