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  1. Where you been donnyb?

  2. Honestly - his name is MAX COCKING?!! Well, he's earned my respect by not changing that!

  3. They seem to be with you, Se

  4. Yeah, what's with that? I didn't think they could come 'snoop' on us? Or is there more to this as you disturbingly hint at?!!

  5. I must say, your new set is very distracting!

  6. Nothing new, no. Should be doing more work but I keep hanging around here today!

  7. Hey mate, only just noticed your comment - you know how VSFS madness gets to you?!! Yes, enough time has passed since weekend to say all is well!

  8. It happened on my thread - so I felt some degree of liability (as a point of law!). Glad your ego is restored though...

  9. Well, I've managed to reclaim a star for you! I'd hate to think my actions were in any way complicit to your ratings downfall!!!

  10. And I like to be paid - so it's a match made in gigolo heaven! Sadly though, I'm back in Bs.As so I guess I can't help you? Let me know anyway though - you never know, and I have 'contacts'! (Sounding menacing...)

  11. I'm going to learn to make sets just so's I can "gift" you with a wonderful Selita Ebanks 'gurning' avatar and cheeky posed signature. Oh, I hope sh eahs wings - gotta have wings in them haven't you? (Btw, will most likely have a Behati one myself... Apologies!)

  12. Thank you for liking my silly posts - sometimes I wonder if anybody else does? But then you're the most important one anyway!

  13. That nobody beat me to it is the only travesty!

  14. Hope you're checking yours too?! ;)

  15. Well, at least you'll see an improvement at the end - I suppose I will too, once he sods off to Brasil!!!

  16. Ugh, Justin Bieber is in town and it's gone fucking crazy! It took me an hour to get from a. to b. today, as his hotel was somewhere inbetween - normally takes 15 minutes!

  17. Good to see Hawkeye represented too - only wish he had the cowl and was in purple and blue! (But then I guess you wouldn't see Mr. Renner - which I suppose is the point of this exercise in avatar "homageness"?!)


  19. Good - finally my 'rating lowering' on your page has worked! ;) But really, whatever did you do this time? Were you a meany about someone's super-special favourite model???

  20. Thank you for noticing that thread! I guess it's only funny because (sadly) it's all true?!!

  21. Well as 9-5 as freelancing ever gets! Yes, I probably end up spending too much time with flights of BZ fancy here - I just get caught up in the moment sometimes!

  22. Well, I was wondering what Limerlight had done to get all the (non Lima/Swift) LUV!!! I'm OK, back in Bs.As and working hard again. And you?

  23. Yep, you kind of did! But my inbox got very excited there, nice to have some 'Message' action for a change...

  24. I woke up last weekend with fingernail scratches across my upper thigh and hip and a massive bruise on my shin. No idea... I'm going for succubus/incubusBE ON YOUR GUARD!

  25. And my neck hurts, since we're here!

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