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  1. I realize now that you meant- Katja SHCHEKINA!!! There I was, searching around for a girl who didn't exist (how like life!!!) I liked her in 2006, and - along with the others I mentioned - I think she should be used again... Hope all's well?

  2. You're welcome (regarding the Behati pics) - it would seem we have VERY similar tastes! Thank you too, for all your Rosie/Magdalena/Behati posts...

  3. Hey! I just saw those Natalya Piro photos today - you beat me to it! Happy Valentine's, my dear ♥♥♥.

  4. OK, Valentine...

    Whenever you want! Hope you enjoyed the poems..?

  5. Indeed it is Rosie. And she does not seem very impressed, no?!!! Hope to find you well...

  6. Hey Eli, just wanted you to know that I did look for you - but I don't have any 20's style pictures at my disposal. 30's Art Deco though, plenty! Lo siento...

  7. Have to salute you on that avatar too. That film is wincingly wonderful - but it has made me VERY wary of Japanese girls..!

  8. More fine work. How will this pan out? Ah, but it isn't the 'destination', no? It's the journey!!! Regards...

  9. Nice new poll, Sir. Proud to have gotten in there first. My choice is unanimous at the moment - 100%

  10. Ah, cupcake - your new avatar is SO "cheesecake", too too sweet! Still waiting for my $6...

  11. Hola Sweets, Nobley checking in! Rosie's helpfully demonstrating my current "huh?" with how things work around here... Ever get that feeling of pissing in the wind? (Maybe that metaphor only works for boys!!!)

  12. Well, then chickadee - make sure you don't keep the milk out. It might have gone off by the time I get there. And, for heaven's sake, don't put it on yet - IT WILL GO SOGGY!

    Shall we just get muffins instead?

  13. 5 bucks?

    Where are you? - I'll need travel expenses too!!!

  14. Ha! I'll be yours if you'll be mine! And I'll post soon in your VS thread...

  15. Right back at you, Joe!

    And thanks for calling my posts "poetic" - keep up the sterling strange work and being th archivist of 'olde' threads!!!

  16. Hope your project is going well, suerte..!

  17. Hej, OliviaHoney. I used to live in Upplands Vasby and love Stockholm. I miss the husmanskost!

  18. Hola chica! Fuiste a Buenos Aires? Tienes sangre de Sudamerica (Peru, tal vez)..?

  19. Like the new avatars, Sir. Thinking I should do the same - if I had any idea how!

  20. Just discovered your ABB site, it's beautiful! There are some gems I've not seen before. My thanks - and hope all is well on this 'ruby' tuesday!!!

  21. Right back at you! Did you make it? I have no idea how to even BEGIN to do this!!!

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