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  1. Apologies for the delay to this(!) - um, not so much research outside of half-remembered 'turns of phrase' and whimsical notions... It's mainly struggling to find my own "voice", best avoid everyone else's!

  2. Thanks for being the only member to acknowledge my 'Behati blitz' of yesterday. That someone's thanked another member for a repost after all that has just annoyed me some more!

  3. I'm talking fiction here! My 'masters' thesis was enough to put me off essays. Of course, that's not to say such a thing hasn't been covered before in fiction. But then there are only really 3 'stories' anyway...

  4. Mostly "fate" - and the platitudes that surround it. How people constantly struggle to assign order to chaos.

  5. I meant us professional writers. You get a bunch together, and the subject will always turn to that! Always on the backburner...

  6. I guess we're all trying to write a novel(!) - but this sort of fairly anonymous work is how I make a living mainly. It's a specific task though, hence the 'teaching' at present.

  7. Copy and blurbs for magazines and newspapers. It's an 'assistant' course for the main Writing and Journalism courses... I'm a special guest for this term only - catch me while you can!

  8. Sorry, I hadn't seen that 'friend request' before! I wasn't being elitist (if you even remember by now?).

  9. blackrain, Joe - BLACKRAIN!!!

  10. Come to my thread and look who's been during the night! I must have been a good boy this year... ;)

  11. Well the hits just keep on coming..!

  12. Just trying to convince myself... ;)

  13. Are you calling my teaching 'ethics' into question? This is NOT just an excuse to hang out with college girls again. It's NOT.

  14. It's for features/magazine writing - and I'm classed as a "visiting academic" ja ja!!! It's only a few hours a week, but Im enjoying being back here for a season.

  15. Fine, I'm doing a term of teaching writing at a University back Fratton-way. Quite enjoying being a "professor" and being treated like I'm clever! Your absence is ALWAYS noted you know...

  16. Well, you're 'preaching to the choir' there!

  17. Nice to see you on Behati's thread again, albeit briefly. Hope you are well Captain?!

  18. Thank you kindly. My commission, of course(!), but made manifest by Prettyphile... Nice list there too.

  19. What's with that - I thought "Guest" couldn't access our homepages? Still, better than no-one and lurkers eh?!

  20. What picture were you referring to, and what does B&L stand for though?

  21. It would've been great to see some of these guys out of the studio-system in modern times. I mean, can you imagine Jimmy Cagney today in a Scorsese film? Or what Tarantino could do with Cary Grant?!

  22. We just need to educate members I guess?! One of my favourites that I reckon you'll probably know and like is 'Angels With Dirty Faces' - supreme Jimmy Cagney!

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