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  1. Good to see you back here! Are you still away in Olde Towne Illinois?

  2. Yes, I saw the Everton game - OUCH!

  3. + Mainly I look it at it as two points lost for them, come on the Hammers and the Royals! ;)

  4. When you consider it as (effectively) top vs. bottom, then there's not a wealth of difference between them. If the point deduction hadn't happened, and morale wasn't so low then - who knows?!!

  5. Ja, much appreciated! I hope you didn't overindulge?

  6. Ja - I see my greeting is still here from last year too! No me importa, 'Feliz Cumpleanos' for 2012 then...

  7. Sure! Although it won't be the same without Siegfried & Roy...

  8. And to you too. Tell me, did you win that lottery then? Don't forget your old BZ buddies now will you?!! ;)

  9. Jaja "stalker"! Ay, estoy trabajando en Espana en este momento - bah! Pero, voy a averiguar...

  10. Viste? Behati esta en Argentina!!!

  11. Don't know about women reading minds - but with the 'bottle cap' talk you're certainly reading mine!

  12. You know I figured you might comment there! I recall your fondness for a 'booty shot'...

  13. Wow - the 'new companion' thread didn't take long at all!!! Just saw the news (+ pictures), and - well - she's pretty, but that shouldn't be the remit...

  14. Highly recommended, Michael! Picked up a few other tracks scattered about too...

  15. I'm happy to have introduced you to them then! New CD should arrive tomorrow too, btw...

  16. Hooded Fang? They've been doing the radio rounds this past month, and I think: yes! Plus - cute girl bassist...

  17. Thank you, 'belated' is WAY better than 'never'!!!

  18. Never fear - good food and drink were very much at the forefront of my agenda yesterday! And today, if I can get away with it. Thank you.

  19. Oh yes, I'm at school now too - my teachers think I'm precocious! Thank you for the wishes.

  20. Us Behati fans start very young! Thank you.

  21. Ja ja - you said that last year!!! Many thanks...

  22. Ja - I'm sure the crew do eat it, but I just can't watch the show without noticing and finding it funny now... Who needs THAT many pastries?!!

  23. Tell me, what's with the conspicuous food wastage on GG? Everytime I see it there's 2/3 characters sitting down to an absolute banquet (often breakfast for 20+) that they hardly touch. Does the crew finish it? Is it some in-joke as seems to get more elaborate?!!

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