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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh my I do hope she is found and returned safely!
  3. ^^ funny when people start bickering in threads. Hmm but something tells me Kadu is the number one fan
  4. Girls: Daniela, Valerie, Marie, Leah, and Alyssiana. (really like the name nouve ) Boys: Jason, David, and Anthony.
  5. BB_London

    I Am...

    eating a wendy's cesar side salad. It's delicious!
  6. Oh gee thanks! hmm maybe because they're my friends and I think they're the most beautiful people in earth: But for me Russia gorgeous eyes, beautiful ceekbones, and beautiful skin . Oh didn't see this so pretty! Halloween, eh?
  7. Have to agree with several people Russia and Brazil. Without a doubt. Italy and Spain too.
  8. Kind of late but thanks for the b-day comment mate!

  9. Yay for Raquel for landing the Dsquared2 campaign!!! Calvin Klien? Wow I need to check this more often.
  10. Awesome Joker. Mine has to be my mummy. If that's a possession
  11. Happy late birthday brit!!!

  12. Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!

  13. HI!! I haven't talked to you in quite awhile!!! How are you gin?

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